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You can call me Hal.

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Tasting media.
I like to multi-task when I'm eating alone. I read or watch something. And I've developed a couple of odd associations because of that.

I recently watched Fafner in the Azure (a pretty standard post-apolcalyptic teenagers & mechas anime that I picked up just for Kiyasu Kohei, and so worth it just for that -- Soushi is his sexiest character voice ever). I would normally watch an episode while eating my breakfast, which was usually waffles.

Then one evening, I decided to take in a few more episodes. I began to watch. And then I started tasting syrup, even though I wasn't anywhere near any waffles. Even now, just thinking about the show makes me remember the taste of syrup.

I have a similar connection with the Books of Magic and HP Sauce.

Does this happen to anyone else?

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Watership Down and roast beef sandwiches.

How freaky that I came into the comments to say:

Watership Down and chocolate covered almonds...

Apparently bunny stories demand snacks! :)

Oh yes. Crime Scene Investigation is chocolate muffins to me. And Formula One racing is chicken and ham pasta bake. I really like sensory association.

oh, yes, I can´t eat unless I´m watching or reading something. that´s because i used to eat very poorly when i was a kid and the only way my mom had of making me eat was that I was watching something on tv(usually the Flinstones) and now I can´t, literally, can´t eat alone unless I´m doing something else.

Starbucks muffins and Jeannette Winterson´s novels.

Definitely. Like with PoT and the pizza and quesadillas I get for take-out nearly every night.


Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana and the turkey/spicy mustard/pesto sandwiches I used to get from Safeway's deli. They discontinued the yummy seeded bread I would order, so now, after my mouth waters, I have a frisson of tragic longing for a sandwich that can never be.

Kind of fits the book, actually.

I have the same habits -- when I eat lunch alone at home, if I'm not at the computer I'll turn the TV on (ESPN or Food Network, usually), and when I eat lunch at work I need something to read (magazines or newspaper, usually -- right now it's mostly Time, at a previous bookstore job it was Publisher's Weekly, at the big media chain it was usually Sports Illustrated).

Not sure if I have any specific associations like that, though.

I have the same kind of feeling but regarding weather and smells. It would be nice if I could remember important dates as easy as that. ^^u

I always watching an episode or two whenever I eat. Since I usually watch whatever I have downloaded at the time, I don't have a fixed taste for anything... unless rice has a taste. XD

with me it the opposite way, i can eat without doing something else but usually cant watch tv without doing something along. so home improvement associate with the smell of fabric softener and pot with chocolate chips cookies and green apple. the one thing i watch from beginning to end without doing anything else it the nba games, which is funny because it actually really common for people to eat something when they are watching sport games.

Two years ago, I started to watch PoT the same night I decided to cook broccoli for myself for the first time. I always associate the music of the first opening, "Future" and the beginning of PoT, with the smell and taste of broccoli.

And Initial D and Eyeshield21 the manga taste after chocolate cereals in milk, because I always watched/read those while I was having breakfast last year. Even before important exams.

Yup. PoT and spicy curry Pot Noodles. XD Loveless with chocolate and coffee. And Harry Potter with rampant cups of tea - I can never read, write, or watch anything without something to eat or drink. Actually, the Hyoutei Arc in PoT is the one exception to this: no matter how many times I rewatch it, I find myself frozen to the spot. I blink and it's suddenly episode 69 and I haven't moved for the last three to four hours. Hee.

Yeah, definitely. CSI-LV and lemon cookies with a glass of milk.

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