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You can call me Hal.

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at length I realise, he said, the bitterness of life.
mk together
Something slipped and now I am behind at everything. The open tabs in Firefox mock me and I never posted about how much I loved Rise of the Cybermen. (In brief: Lumic is my fucking hero.)

And more than anything right now, I want to read a new MomoKai story written by me, but I can't think of any way to do that that doesn't involve me writing it first. If only I were a time traveller...

It's a bit weird that I find my own MK to be so comforting, but it really is. I think I re-read it more than any of the rest of my fic.

To add some value to this rather contentless and whiny post, have a link: Popularity Breeds Contempt -- The Physics of Passion and the Kool-Aid Point. It seemed quite relevant to fandom, both within the fannish community and also the media we're fannish about.

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I FIND YOUR MOMOKAI COMFORTING TOO, but then again, that's just me. XD;;

I want to read a new MomoKai story written by you too. But the desire to read your own writing without having to write it first? GOOD GOD YES. If I had a time machine that is so one of the first things I would try to do. Go back and try to save yourself from some awful experience? Whatever. I survived it. Go forward and get a ride in a flying car? Yeah yeah yeah, as soon as I finish reading this, okay?

Though at the moment I'd most like to go forward and get the file of this final paper I'm supposed to be writing, so I can turn in my own work without having to write it. My other idea has always been to organize an army of mes from paprallel universes, and divide the writing up between us.


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