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Prince of Tennis OVAs 2 & 3

Torrents: Two & Three

And if you're having trouble with the files, I posted some info last time around on playing WMV9 files on Mac OS X.

Ah, Nationals is love! The boys are kicking ass, Ryuzaki is the bee's knees, and Momo and Kaidoh are macking on each other every chance they get. What's not to like?

I want to know what Tezuka said to Fuji, because it was clearly Pillar Talk (which sounds like a Tezuka/Ryoma/Fuji porn film). I guess I should just check the manga and see if there's anything there; it's been a while since I read these matches.

Oddly tender (and wordless) moment between Atobe and Oshitari. (I wonder if Atobe really would have touched him if they'd got the VAs in to do lines instead.) I do ship them, you know, in a sort of default way.

The whole US Open thing is really giving the writers a hard time, though. How can we buy Ryoma having such a hard time against a kid here when he "did well" there? And by "did well", we mean "beat freaking Lleyton Hewitt".

Is it just me or is Ryoma's voice changing? *g* I feel like Minagawa is pitching it lower than usual. Actually, in the first OVA I felt like a lot of the voices were a little off, which must be due to the long break. Here it seemed less obvious for the most part.

Ryoma's match really didn't thrill me much. Nor did it in the manga. But Fuji and Kawamura were love, love, love. I really think Kawamura deserves some sugar after that, especially since he saved Ryuzaki.

I'm glad to see Kintaro finally! And Horio Junpei with his two years cycling experience. I like manga Kintaro better so far, but he's darling no matter what. I hope we get much Kintaro/Sakuno fodder. Because that's a ship I want to sail on.

You know, the Higa coach is the evilest of all evil coaches I've seen. To target the opposing coaches? That's just ... beyond what I would expect, especially in PoT. And it's so obvious! How have they not been disqualified by now?

I think I'll just go back to thinking about Momo and Kaidoh. Mmmmmmmmmmm. That's the stuff.
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