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Inui and Tezuka

mayhap has finished her Inui/Tezuka story: Boys Who Wear Glasses. Inui and Tezuka take over the Seigaku Quiz Bowl team and learn a lot of trivia and a bit about themselves. Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4. They are .

I am working on an Inui/Tezuka right now, too, for qem_chibati's tenipurifantasy request. But it's going to be late, I'm afraid, either this weekend or even a week today. (RL concerns have eaten up a bunch of my fandom time lately.) I'm assuming that you would rather I took the extra time and wrote a good story instead of trying to get something mediocre done for June 1.

I just love this pairing so much. I think I first came across it in doujinshi and oh what a sexy doujinshi it was. I don't think Inui ever looks hotter than when he's topping Tezuka. It can be a bit hard to make it work in fic, but well worth it when you do. There's always something very equal about their interactions, especially in the anime. Inui doesn't defer to Tezuka like everyone else does and he never seems intimidated, even when they're on the court together.

And if I could see them play doubles, well. That would be a good, good day.
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