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You can call me Hal.

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Data collection
I was feeling curious.

Poll #747467 On the subject of Hal.

I most associate Hal with this one fandom:

I most associate Hal with this one pairing, which may or may not be from the fandom I chose:

I think of Hal as:

Something else which I will type in the box below
Something so rude I'll keep it to myself

Other name:

I like:

Alice Cooper
raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

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I feel like I should apologize for not selecting Kaidoh in answer to the last question -- it's only that I don't know the source at all, you know. I'm sure he's a very nice boy. ^^

He is. Also hot, very hot. In fact, much of the series is fixated on his hotness. :)

I almost picked Alice Cooper, but then I reminded myself that just because I like Alice Cooper doesn't mean that you will.

And I made a public outcry for Arai/Kachirou drabbles yesterday. If you contribute, I'll send you a free toaster oven valued at over $39.99 sing your praises forever.

The "I" in those questions refers to you, not me, so it's whatever you like. In fact, I do like Alice Cooper, very much. The older and more haggard he gets, the more I want to nail him, no lie.

I saw your outcry and wished I had the time to dive in! I actually have some Arai - Kachirou gen in progress, though I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish it. But I'll ponder the drabbles some more.

Haggard. :D I actually giggled when I read that.

Pssht - if you've got Arai/Kachirou - in any form - in progress, I'll wait and be happy for it.

But if the urge ever hits, just know that at least one person will be beside herself with your efforts.

shit, why didn't i say AftS!? I want to be different!

ps--am writing AftS! that i don't know where its going and have no idea why Asakawa won't just shut the hell up. Hell, i'm being kidnaped by bimbos!

AftS fic, whee! (You can change your vote, you know.)

Need to change my answer for the associated pairing question (too many beers and cheese I guess) to Inui/Kaidoh. Sorry, sorry.

I did wonder about that! But beers and cheese are always good.

Regarding the pairing question... I think I should've put that I found you through momokai (and you write them together so well), but you've got a good collection of inukai fic (which are, of course, also written very well).


You rock.

I love both pairings, it's true. :) They are all so much fun!

...strange. I'm trying to fill out the poll, but it won't let me. *pokes at livejournal*

Cause you have to be logged in!

Raindrops on roses suck because that means it's raining and if what you like about kittens is the whiskers you're odd, man. :D

Yeah, the whiskers line is an odd one.

And did you ever think about how Maria tells Liesl, "Oh, I don't want to be your governess, I want to be your friend. Now take off your dress and get into bed with me."

"Raindrops on roses and trips to The Bad Place..."

Related points of data:

For an embarassingly long time, I thought that "Genius" was this other series that was maybe somehow related to this "Prince of Tennis" thing. Really embarassingly.

When I friended you, I somehow assigned you a teal color. I'm not really sure how, because I didn't know you could do that at the time. It makes me happy whenever it pops up, though.

Hee! I can see how that would be confusing.

And teal sounds lovely. I'm sure it's slimming. :)

Oops... I automatically selected the ones I like. Ignore that question!

That's what you were supposed to do. :)

The name thing... I only prefer prillalar to Halrloprillalar because I can type the first without the c&p option :).

I'm not surprised. :) Ten years later and I still have to double check to make sure I've spelled it correctly.

Luuuurker, semi-delurking. (I just have very little to say.)

I associate you with your drabble-machine. A year before I got into PoT, when I knew none of your fandoms, I had that thing bookmarked. That thing is everywhere, I swear. I've seen it posted about on a Uchihacest community (??), GacktxHyde, wherever I originally saw it, and many other places I cannot recall right now.

Seriously, if you put a counter on that thing, I'd add ten hits a month, easily.

I follow the links in my referer logs back sometimes to read the crazy drabbles people make and you're right, it's everywhere. Good karma for me, I guess. *g* I should make some new templates for it one of these days.

Yeees! New templates! I want I want I want!

I want to see a drabble hall of fame, though that would probably be too much trouble.

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