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You can call me Hal.

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Two years Prince of Tennis experience
oh horio
I was looking at old entries in my LJ and found that it was two years ago this month that I came out about Prince of Tennis. Most notably, I said:

I don't anticipate that I'll be reading in this fandom a lot or that I'll be writing in it at all (or even posting about it much in LJ)

Oh god.

PoT sucks in our unsuspecting souls...

I think it must be subliminal messaging.

What surprises me the most after reading that post is that you were shipping TezuRyo almost before InuKai. Heh.

Yeah, I really was. And then was surprised when I found out that essentially no one else did. It seemed so obvious to me. (Thank god the stage of wanting fluffy romance about them didn't last long, though.)

*snicker* oh how true that statement was. ;)

I almost feel like I should apologize. :)

*laughing* Oh, man. PoT is the fandom that blindsides.

And I still haven't figured out *why*.

I want to laugh, but I can't because I'm almost positive I made a similar post in my LJ at one point. ("Taking a break from Hikago and upon recommednation, I'm now watching a show about middle school boys playing tennis. God, I don't think this relationship will last very long...") <-- heavily paraphrased

Do you think Konomi made a deal with the devil?

Hindsight's a bitch. :)

*coughs* ... *represses giggles* >.>

Oh, you're love. ♥ Glad you did actually write and brought us some wonderful InuKai and TezuRyo~ :DD

It's funny how these things creep up on us!

*snickering* I think there are fandom demons that keep an eye out for those kinds of statements. I know I'm a lot more careful these days about saying 'this is probably the only example of X I'll ever write..." because, sure as the sun comes up, next thing I know I've written some massive arc of the thing in question. Gotta be demons.

Yeah, I'm a lot more careful these days too. I think this is why. *g* Though if it *was* demons, I should really thank them. And you too, since it was your fault I started watching the anime in the first place.

Hey, as long as you're having fun...


It just sucks you in without you expecting it.

It really, really does.

(Deleted comment)
I love your love of love. :) When you see Prince of Tennis, you will say, what the hell? Because it's a show about kids playing tennis.

Ah yes. And I remember my fateful conversation with mousapelli about ...oh man, nine months ago already. "But I don't even like tennis!"

I still don't like tennis. Good thing PoT tennis has nothing to do with the real thing. :)


(My TeniPuri love began shortly after I pointed and laughed at the silly tennis manga on display at Kinokuniya. Oh, karma.)

This is why I try to never mock anyone's tastes. For lo! it could be me in two months.

Prince of Tennis : us :: Tezuka Zone : tennis balls?

Good comparison! We are helpless to resist.