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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 313
inui manga
Download the raw: YSI | Sendspace

I think it's about time to fly to Japan and offer Konomi a blowjob.

I just...there are no words for my happiness. Seigaku could lose all the singles matches and the manga could be over and I would still be happy, just because we'll get to see these two matchups. And no doubt that we will -- this won't be over by S2.

So, now, looking at the lineup:

S3: Fuji
D2: Momo-Kaidoh
S2: Kawamura
D1: Inui-Tezuka
S1: Echizen

Simply based on this and not on their opponents, how do you think the win/loss will go? Of course we'll see Ryoma and Kintaro play, so it's got to be 2-2 by then. Of course, I would like it to be Fuji and Kawamura who lose. But I'm thinking maybe MK and Kawamura. What do you think?


♥ ♥ ♥

I know, oh my god, I know!

LJKSGLJKSDFLJKDFGLKJ. I knew there was a good reason for my massive manga binge (243 chapters in the last two days!).


(Reading that much manga on the computer always kills my hand from clicking. I hope you didn't give yourself an RSI!)


I am so excited I cannot cannot cannot WAIT! All my dreams come true.

We are all going to fucking DIE when we see that match.

Tezuka: "Inui! I'm counting on you!"

Inui: "Fu fu fu..."

I think Inui's been hanging out with Fuji too much.

I think Inui's been hanging out with Fuji too much.

I'm not sure such a thing is even possible. :)

Wouldn't it be just wonderful to see Fuji lose? It could provide actual story possibilities. And it would be kind of anticlimax for Shiraishi to lose right away, he's the captain and all. So me, I'm rooting for Fuji to lose! :D How ever much I adore him.

Inui-Tezuka ♥ *gleeful*

It would be, I agree. And come to think of it, we haven't seen him lose a singles match yet, have we? So I suppose he's due. It will only help him become stronger. And then he and Tachibana can go comfort each other. :)

asdjkfl;sd god, hal, sorry for the comment spam, it's just i ACTUALLY FINALLY GOT AROUND TO READING THE REST OF YOUR POST.

I couldn't bear for Kawamura to lose, because every match he plays might be his last. (Well, not really, because we all know Seigaku will win, but theoretically!)

So I'm guessing Fuji and D2. because it would do Fuji good to lose, and he hasn't yet in the manga, has he? I really need to reread the manga, obviously. KINTAROU. NOT KENTAROU. *headdesk*

I think most people haven't made it beyond D1 yet. *g*

Yeah, I'm more and more inclined to Fuji losing. Because I think Kawamura needs the boost more. I don't want to see MK lose, but they can handle it. And there's always next year for them.

Kintaro, yes. :) He and Ryoma will duel for Sakuno's love!

Oh god, Inui's expression is killing me. He must have been practicing the maniacal genius look in the mirror that morning.

I agree, I'd like to see Fuji lose, because in the manga, it seems like he hasn't yet been... cut down to size. I mean, he's just shown off his shiny fourth counter and appears unstoppable, but maybe Kura will show him that he can't win every match so easily. Although... I'm wondering if they're really going to have him lose until the finals, assuming he even plays singles there.

I could see InuTez's doubles being totally horrific, but somehow I don't think they'll lose. Either way, that match will really be somethng to watch. fsj;fas

It's like all of Inui's evil plans EVER have come to fruition in this moment. He should have a long-haird cat to stroke.

Yeah, I agree about Fuji. I wonder what it will make him feel like.

Inui and Tezuka CANNOT LOSE. That would just be wrong. So very, very wrong.

God, I can't stop twitching. I want it all NOW!

OH SNAP. I'm terrible about dling the PoT manga but I will have to remember this time. Even though this match is going to break my heart because someone I don't want to see lose is going to. Kawamura will be one of the losers, but who else? Fuji can't lose, Tezuka can't lose paired with INUI, and I waaant MomoKai to win! They've had enough "we played our best and expressed our pure pure love so even though we lost, we are happy!" But that is probably what will happen. Unless someone gets to forfeit dramatically or something.

I wonder if Kawamura will lose. Maybe he'll go all out, to the point where he can't play in the final, but he'll win his match. He has to go out with a bang since he's giving up tennis.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Fuji gave up tennis after this year too. I imagine this match will be a real turning point for him. I'm more and more inclined to think that he will lose.

I dearly want MK to win because they are my fave doubles pair EVER but I kind of think they won't. Because Inui and Tezuka have to win. HAVE TO. Inui can comfort Momo and Kaidoh afterwards.

You don't know me, but I have to react and thank you for this because OHMYGOD. This line up ROCKS. I can't wait. <333

The more the merrier. :) The line-up makes me BOUNCE! This will be so, so awesome.

Oh man, I just saw that list last night and I was all o;aiyhg;oiauf doi;a fgooiau gooiau gf!!!!11!1!!

Some of the threads I was reading last night seem to think it's Fuji who's going to lose. People are saying it's about time he lost a singles match, and I think he's playing someone who nobody wants to lose? Maybe? lol. And since I reeeaaally want MomoKai and magane!pair to win, I guess that leaves Taka-san to lose. But...I don't really want him to. GAH! *_*

This is almost as bad as the Hyotei match! Which I'm still upset about. Seriously, Golden Pair could have won their match and stupid Ryoma could have lost for once in his life and then Atobe would have won, but Seigaku still would have won the match!! I didn't want GP or Atobe to lose!!! RAWR!!!


Anyhoo... ^^;;

I saw lot of people squeeing over spoilers, but I'm glad I waited to actually read (or look at, I guess *g*) the scans. Just the anticipation as I clicked through the pages was delicious.

Current odds are for Fuji and MK to lose, though Konomi has surprised us before. But there isn't *anyone* I want to lose. And that includes Kintaro.

ZOMG. I need to catch up.

ZOMG does not even begin to cover it.

Thanks for the link!
As I said before in two of my f-list.... "It's prove that Tezuka/Inui are canon."

Doubles pair == true love. We've seen it again and again. It was just a week or two ago that I was saying And if I could see them play doubles, well. That would be a good, good day.

Konomi is a god. And he has heard my prayer.

(Deleted comment)
Taka-san really, really deserves a good win. My current prediction is that this will be his glory match and he won't play in the final at all. (Maybe he'll work his arm so hard he won't be able to play any more.)

Megane Pair for the WIN! *hugs you in glee*

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING, Prillalar! I've been just about eating my hands in anticipation of reading since I read the spoilers!!!

Who would believe that an issue with no action could be SO EXCITING?

God, I'm going to be twitchy for the rest of the summer over this.