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You can call me Hal.

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I know there are shippers out there.
Bill and Steve

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(Deleted comment)
You and many, many others. :) (But it's just bad press.)

Oh, RPS OTP! So wrong it's ... well ... wrong, I suppose.

*flashes icon gleefully*

Ha! I knew there was someone on my flist who shipped them; I just couldn't remember who. Isn't that a great shot of them?

I know there are shippers out there.

*raises hand*

I'm nearly beginning to ship them myself.

I'm not going to lie. I've thought about it.

Well, we've all *thought* about it.

*snerk* I remember when Pirates of Silicon Valley aired, and there was this one extremely ardent slasher of the miniseries, who was very controversial because it was back when breaking the RPS taboo was still near-universally Not Done.

I think I vaguely remember that too. What's taboo today that will be old hat in two years?


You are magic.

It's a special bonus to say thank you for stalking. *g* The pic is just so great, I had to share.

Their flaily, wedding be-ringed fingers complete the tableau beautifully. Also, does Steve have a Frodo-like finger stump, or is that just my one track mind?

I was thinking that about the rings too! They're obviously into their convo, whatever it may be about. Re the stump, Steve is just bending that finger.


I so wish I knew what they were talking about!

Bill, be my friend. Please!

They're both deadly cute in this pic, I don't know why! Maybe Steve's Reality Distortion Field is enveloping Bill as well.

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