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You can call me Hal.

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tezuka tattoo
Is it just me or is Tezuka the biggest uke since Ayase? It must only be his strong tennis aura that keeps him from being ravished all the time.

Incomplete list of people who should push Tezuka up against the wall and tell him it's his own fault for being so desirable:

Akutsu. I would love to see a doujinshi where Akutsu challenges Tezuka to a match, they play for several pages, Tezuka wins. Then Akutsu throws him down on the court and makes him pay. Tezuka's glasses break. Also his heart.

Chitose. Because yes. And then some drama with Tachibana to spice it up.

Oshitari. He's pretty.

Obviously, Inui.

*cough* Sakaki.

And of course Oishi, only he's not allowed to make Tezuka cry.

And what do you think?

Well, definitely Akutsu. And while this is absolutely the tamest suggestion I can come up with, The Seduction of Kunimitsu is never so perfect or complete than when Atobe is responsible.


Actually, I think Atobe is the only one who Tezuka would be seme with. But the seduction would still be initiated and controlled by Atobe. It's just that he needs to be adored and that's the uke's role.

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At first glance, the idea that the Almighty Tezuka was an uke seems laughable.

Except then I thought about it, and you are extremely correct.

I think I need some alone time now.

It makes so much sense, doesn't it?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and more yes. omg.

And I would so draw that Akutsu/Tezuka if someone wrote me a script. And also maybe taught me how to illustrate exciting tennis matches.

Maybe we could cobble the match together from bits of the manga. Clone stamp out Ryoma and paste Tezuka in. *g*

I could at least offer some fic for a money shot. It would be fun to write some down and dirty BL for a change. I've had the Akutsu scenario on my mind for a long, long time.

Definitely Akutsu.

Or Oshitari, Inui, or both of them. Their love is so wearing glasses! Megane megane megane GO GO!

Starring Oshitari as Lucky Pierre. :)

Yes. A hundred thousand times yes, especially to Chitose and Oshitari. A Tachibana sandwich of woe backstories, and then megane club love between megane tennis players, Inui and Yagyuu and Kite should all attack Tezuka and Oshitari and then...yeah. ;) ;) ;)

There's going to have to be some sorting system to show who tops whom. Obviously, Tezuka is on the very bottom and Inui is the uber!seme. But where does everyone else fall?

*at work*

*NOT thinking of Sakaki topping Tezuka, oh no*

....... CURSES.

You know he was thinking about it at Senbatsu.

Tezuka as an uke?

...I don't see it...unless it's someone who completely beats him in tennis...so maybe Nanjiroh? As an uke, I don't see him getting turned on by anyone who can't dominate his tennis.

Although I might if you tell me why you think it is so...

I haven't seen anyone who so badly needed to be topped as Tezuka in a while, although Iron Klaus defeats him easily. It's partly to do with needing someone else to be in charge for a while, although that's an overly simplistic explanation.

OOomg. How I have been waiting to see a post such as this! Tezuka is definitely one of, if not THE biggest uke in the series for me. It is only in very few and specific circumstances can I ever see him as not.

Indeed, I've imagined him with Akutsu, Oshitari, Inui, Sakaki and Oishi, but you got me with Chitose. XD Though that whole list surely makes me insanely clap-happy. Your Inui/Tezuka owns.

Sanada/Tezuka would be the cutest thing ever. I imagine they'd be so formal and traditional with each other, I want die from how precious it would be. Atobe/Tezuka <3 - Atobe wanting to be the one to show off his 'prowess' to Tezuka totally works for me. :D I'm also quite fond of Tachibana/Tezuka, as seen from trinityhelix and kishmet. Sengoku/Tezuka would be fun.

And gods, if I see Akutsu/Tezuka story from you, I may burst from happiness. I had tucked that pairing away as one I could never hope to see written by anyone. Just having the reactions from players from any and all schools alone would be gold, let alone getting to read actual bully!sex interaction between those two.

You know he was thinking about it at Senbatsu.

!!! I certainly was. I kept waiting for the molestation to commence in those scenes with them sitting at that table alone in that room, like a proper BL story.

And for some reason, my first time listening to "Kimi wo Sagashiteta" just reinforced the idea. ALL I can think of, whenever I hear that song, is Tezuka's complete and utter ravishment.

Frankly, ukeTezuka owns my soul as much as InuKai does.


Sanada/Tezuka would be the cutest thing ever. I imagine they'd be so formal and traditional with each other, I want die from how precious it would be.

Someone has to pump life into the uke!Tezuka comm and fill it with wonderful scans of doujinshis and fictions of these pairings.

(Deleted comment)

yes to all of those pls.

So many flavours, so little time.

Oh dear God your Sakaki answer is so wrong yet so compelling.

I might have to fic just for that.

One of the weirdest doujinshi I own, incidentally, has to do with Akutsu x Tezuka....kinda. Oddly enough, it's based off the Rush and Dream video game continuity of all things, in which both Tezuka and Akutsu go off to America at some point.

No pushing-down-and-screwery, I'm sorry to tell you. It just struck me as such an odd and interesting pairing I thought I'd throw my two cents in. XD

It sounds like a good scenario to throw them together and get Akutsu off-balance a bit. Hmm...

And icon love! I'm getting the Cromartie manga from ADV and it owns my soul.


WHY AREN'T PEOPLE WRITING THESE. And yes. omfg. Doujinshis. Tezuka. Crying. Uke. Wahahahahahah!!!

Yes. Times a million. I couldn't be happier in my life since passing history. ♥ uke!Tezuka wins my heart so completely. *swoooon*

Re: I love this post.

Tezuka's uke face is the best. I'm not sure why everyone isn't writing already. Or drawing. *closes eyes and imagines*

No one's said anything about Oishi. I used to think Oishi'd bottom (Tezuka is paternal, Oishi is maternal, yadda yadda happy family team).

But Oishi, Oishi, PLEASE TELL ME Oishi will find the resolve to quietly, immovably tell Tezuka what's going on, step by step trap Tezuka against a wall and make himself crystal clear.

Oishi: You don't know, do you.
Tezuka: ...
Oishi: *step* Your talent is making you blind. Do you even see your team? *step*
Tezuka: Of course I do. We all want to win. *cautious step back until he bumps a wall* ... (!)
Oishi: *steps within touching range and is accusingly silent*
Tezuka: I see strength. Determination. Devotion.
Oishi: *hand on tezuka's chest* Not just to tennis.
Tezuka: *wises up* ...Eiji..?
Oishi: *shakes his head*
Tezuka: Who?
Oishi: *brushes Tezuka's hair from his face*
Tezuka: .... *almost red*
Oishi: *breaks a small smile and kisses tezuka's cheek* You're so blind, Tezuka. Everything has to be spelled out, doesn't it? Mm. I understand. I'll teach you at your own pace.
Tezuka: *opens his mouth to start to say '50 laps' but freezes when lips stop him*
Oishi: *kisses the open mouth and shivers* ...Or perhaps at my pace.

You win. This is it exactly. Between the two of them, Oishi is the strong one. I think he's got a more solid core than Tezuka. Which is why he's the support.

Mmm, I love your scenario.

Best. Tezuka. Pairing. Ever.

Oshitari is very pretty.

One afternoon, Tezuka was walking randomly through the city when he came upon Oshitari, who was shopping for new underpants. He recognized Tezuka instantly because of his glowing aura, and greeted him with a particular nod of his head that left everyone feeling weak, even Tezuka, who was usually immune to that sort of thing. He felt his knees turning to jelly.

"Ah," he said.

"Hello, Tezuka. Would you like to help me with my shopping?"

"Ah," Tezuka replied, because his vocab button was stuck that day. He followed Oshitari around in the underwear section for a while. He waited in the boxers section while Oshitari went for the briefs. He picked up a plaid pair and considered buying them, and suddenly --

"Oh, Tezuka, you're just asking for this," Oshitari said, pinning Tezuka against a wall of thongs.

"Ah," Tezuka replied.


XDXD And Sakaki has had everyone. Twice.

And this is exactly how it would go down. Tezuka is just too easy.