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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 314
mk together
Raw: Sendspace

Power walk! And look at Kaidoh sticking with Inui even though they're both playing doubles with their other boyfriends.

Also, I'm glad to see that Nagoya Hoshitoku beat Kuroshio for the semi-final space. Only because I used Kuroshio in a story once and didn't want to have to go back and edit it after we found out stuff about the real players. I wonder how much we'll see of Nagoya vs Rikkai.

Anyhow, a good beginning and I'm looking forward to more. Especially the doubles.

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Wow, Inui is giggling again. I think he must be giddy.

I wonder if he'll be able to stop before they actually play. I hope not.

I imagine that, like me, he's been dreaming about this day for a long time and, like me, never expected it to come. He probably has a whole notebook full of late-night fantasies about Doubles With Tezuka.

Inui is in his freaking element! Chuckling, walking with Kaidoh, staring at hotass Fuji, sweatdropping...! I so can't blame him.

Power walk!

I feel like I need to put on some victory music. And Momo with his last minute hair-fixing. dksafj;f

Momo's got to look good! You never know what chicks might be checking him out. (Maybe he should get a t-shirt that says, "I'm the straight one" so that they don't waste their time with anyone else on the team.)

Poor Taka. Momo's stealing all his play!

Darling Taka. He's so going to work hard at his sushi training and have a marriage arranged by his parents and be the happiest of all of them. Also, Fuji will probably seduce him a time or two.

And sometimes Akutsu will take him for a spin against the wall out behind Kawamura sushi. Awww!

Christ, I just flashed on Buffy and Spike outside the Doublemeat Palace.

Maybe Taka-san will end up living with Akutsu instead and have to work extra hard to keep him in smokes and booze. He'd have to be a good husband *and* wife.

Christ, I just flashed on Buffy and Spike outside the Doublemeat Palace.

AHAHAHAH. Taka would never be as detached, though. :D

Oh, Taka-san, you'd make such a good husband-wife. And then they can take their son, Da-da-dan!!!, to carnivals and stuff and buy him cotton candy, desu!

I can't get that pic Levi posted of them out of my head. Cutest family EVER.

Neither can I. The cuteness overwhelmed me.

::NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO MANGA OMG:: Who are they playing? (Also: squee on the MomoKai and InuTezu. Just 'cause, eeeeee, you know?)

Shitenhouji, baby! All the way to Singles 1 where Ryoma and Kintaro will play for Sakuno's love.

Your icon reminds me to be bitter that Cinepuri is not coming out on DVD until September 28. Woe.

I know! It's too long to wait. What if Tezuka's smash a meteor hits the earth before then?

zomg THANK YOU for sharing this! Week = complete.

(And the InuKai made me squee almost as much as seeing Shitenhoji D2 holding hands aSashgafs!!!)

I thought they were just banging their fists together but I guess with those two, the BL Razor applies: the gayest explanation is usually the truth.

Thank you! Woah, Fuji and Shiraishi look so pretty. Inui still giggling is brilliant. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS.

I can't wait to see Inui play. What on earth is he planning? And the Fuji-Shiraishi match should be good. I'm sure that bandage is going to come off Shiraishi's arm at some point and then we will see the Poison Arm some amazing move or another.

<3 Thanks a lot~~ I can't wait to see MomoKai and InuTez doubles~~

You're welcome! I can't wait either. It's all my dreams come true.

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