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You can call me Hal.

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Canada Day

Something to sing about, this land of ours.

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Cheers to out Neighbor of the North!
I'm going to get up there one of these days.. or bust And probably never come home again. Oops.

i didn´t know it was canada day today. in your honor i´ve just palyed Narenaked Ladies very loudly at the store.

That's a great tribute. :)

I'm pleased to be here. :)

Happy Canada Day! I salute you, and rather enviously, too.

Thanks, sweetie. :) I only wish I had pics of the gay RCMP wedding to post too. But it was a private event, so no photos in the media. (At least none *yet*.)

I saw that mentioned in someone's LJ a few days ago. So cool!

Yay! Happy Canada Day! ♥

Happy Canada Day, from one Canadian to another.

(And hey, the GST went down...)

I completely forgot about the GST cut until today!

HAPPY CANANDA!!!!!!!!!! *puts National Anthem on repeat* ♥

I was playing Stan Rogers, myself. :)

Yay Trudeau icon! Happy Canada Day. <3

(Deleted comment)
Also, because Julian is handsome.

i was driving down the coast this evening, and someone had hung a massive Canadian flag off their balcony. It was pretty great.

Oh, cool! I love our flag. You can't get it confused with anything else.

rocks and trees...

Oh, and Canada's really big :D

Guess that's three things!


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