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You can call me Hal.

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Questions Three
1. Are there no HP fans left on my flist or did everybody post about this last week and I just didn't notice? HP skit with Dan, Emma, Rupert, and Matthew from the Queen's 80th birthday celebration. I'd forgotten how cute those kids are. (There's also a longer version with the setup, but the first link has all that the kids are in.)

2. Does anybody want to beta a Prince of Tennis fic? 2000 words, manga canon up to current but with mostly anime characterization, Ryoma POV. I need someone who's well up on the canon and characters to let me know if it's working or not. I still have to finish the second draft, but I should be able to have that done either today or early tomorrow. Thanks, Trin!

3. The Akutsu/Tezuka has defeated me. Okay, that's not a question. I was trying to write some in a BL style, the sort of thing I'd love to see a doujinshi about, but I couldn't manage it and it all began to turn very nasty and non-con and I just couldn't bring myself to go there with these characters. So sad because I can't get the scenario out of my head.

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I meant to ask you (re: 3), did you want that Akutsu and Tezuka doujin I have? It's not non-con *or* BL, it's just random amusement. Just a copy-hon too, and since you're the first person I've ever "met" who's mentioned the pairing, I think it's only right it be yours. ^_^ (I'm trying to cut down on doujinshi anyway--less doujinshi means more room for DAMNED FIGURES XD;)

(And I'm so pleased you're enjoying Cromartie--now if only they'd bring Baka Ichidai over here too I might have some faith in translated manga again!)

Even random amusement with Akutsu and Tezuka is fun. I'd love to have it, thank you! That's really nice of you. :)

I am really loving Cromartie. It's just so deadpan and bizarre. And, of course, Mechazawa is so dreamy. I don't think I'll give the anime a try though. I just can't imagine how it would work.

I'd be glad to. ^_^ Mail your address to waruguchi -at- puutan.com when you get a chance and I'll send it out sometime this week.

Give the Cromartie anime a chance! Honestly, off the top of my head, it's one of the best manga-to-anime adaptations I can think of. Many of the episodes are word-for-word from the manga, and now I believe they've released the series in a thinpak for something like $40 for all 26 eps. (I also hear they're bringing the live-action movie to the USA, and while that wasn't fantastic, it was certainly...um. Hm. Bizarre might be the word. XD)

Done. And Puutan! I see the Cromartie box set is out in August, so maybe I'll give it a try then.

Oh, BLESS. No, I hadn't seen the HP thing, actually - cheers for pointing it out. And it had Neville! Yay for Neville!

I cheered when Neville came in! He's darling.

Thank you for the link to the Harry Potter clip. I think it's adorable that they got all them to do a skit for the Queen on her birthday. :)

And we reap the benefits. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, sweetie! I'll send it off shortly.

Aw, #3 is indeed very sad to hear. It certainly bums me out. But still, just knowing someone else thinks of the pairing also, makes me incredibly happy. ^_^ Maybe I shall cross my fingers for seeing one of the other combinations from you in the future then.

Maybe I'll be able to make another go of it sometime, with a bit more realistic (so far as that word can apply to PoT!) take on it. I want to see them play each other and I want to see them fight each other. And, you know, some rough *ahem* wouldn't be bad either. :)

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