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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 315 raw
kaidoh south park
Here's the download: Genius 315 (Sendspace). I don't really have anything to say about the issue.

Art rec: Chibi Tezuka & Oishi by shujouteki_kumo. If you can't see the image in the body of the post, scroll down in the comments for the deviantART link. Even if you don't ship this pair, the chibis are so damn cute they make kittens look like crap. I've been keeping the window open and looking at the image every day. Dumpy!Tezuka is love.

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Ah, thank you. *nabs* I'm kind of in a tenipuri slump, but I don't want to get totally lost...

I keep thinking, "We're so near the end!" but in reality, it will probably take another six months to get there at this rate.

I didn't download it, since it's raw and I get little of it. But why don't you have anything to say? Is it that bad? :( I enjoy your witty remarks...

It wasn't bad, just it didn't seem like much happened. I'm sure things will ramp up soon.

I'm very new to this fandom, as in I only found it two weeks ago and am only on episode 76. Can you please rec some stuff to me? Authors, fic, communities, sites, anything really. I could really use a point in the right direction. Thanks!

I am going to ask a stupid question. What is Genius 315 raw?

Welcome to the fandom! It's such addictive crack, no one can resist. How did you get into it in the first place?

Genius is the name for the PoT manga issues. Raw means it's in Japanese, not translated. So, scans of manga issue 315, untranslated.

Communities: tenipuri tenipuri_yaoi cinepuri are some of the main ones. There are lots of ship comms -- who are you shipping so far?

Resources: bookshop has a series of Prince of Tennis posts with pretty much all the info you could ever need, at least to start off with. Here's the table of contents: http://bookshop.livejournal.com/668506.html

Fic: My own PoT fic is all here on LJ -- it only goes back to June 2004. A good place to find recs and other authors is bringtheballs.

That should be a place to start. :)

I was home sick from work one day and I discovered the PoT discs in my pile of anime that I have yet to watch. Within the first 5 episodes I knew I was hooked. I have 178 episodes but am missing the OAVs/specials. This makes me very, very sad. :( I think I may be hooking my room mate. I forced her to watch 2 episodes and she got really irritated when she realized that she had to stop watching in order to get ready to go out. :p

They are all totally adorable and need to be glomped repeatedly. Fuji in particular makes my hindbrain go *ping*. Don't ask me why though because I really can't explain it.

I don't really have a die-hard ship. Though I do think that Oishi is totally having it off with Eiji and sometimes Tezuka. Not that I blame him. God no. Why the hell didn't 14/15 year old boys look like that when I was that age?!!!!!! It would have made school so much more pleasant. (This series is making me feel like a dirty old women!)

Thanks very much for the recs. I really appreciate them.

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