Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

On the subject of me

What I have been doing instead of updating:

* Watching a LOT of toku. I finished up both Kamen Rider Hibiki and Ultraman Nexus, two of my favourite series. Even though I post mostly about anime and manga, my actual consumption is primarily toku. I just don't know anybody else who's into it as much as I am, so I don't really talk about it, just burn quietly.

* Writing. Only I don't yet have anything to show for it. My hard drive is littered with WIPs and I need to buckle down and finish them. Hopefully I'll have something this weekend -- the current effort seems to be going okay.

* Reading murder mysteries and books about marketing.

* Reading Cromartie High and waiting for the next volume. It's now my default crossover canon. What if the guys from Cromartie played tennis against Seigaku? Freddy and the gorilla would beat the Golden Pair. And Mechazawa would play Ryoma and lose terribly, but it doesn't matter because he's so damn cool.

* Planning LJ posts in my head.

What I should be doing but am not, at least at the moment:

* Posting about Doctor Who. I've been keeping up with it all along, though I haven't enjoyed some of the recent eps that much. The finale I loved. But I talk about the eps offline and a little in chat and I just don't feel the need to say more. It's not like my reviews were ever insightful, just squee.

* Prince of Tennis recaps. This is because I don't like the next match: Ryoma vs the Robot. But I will get back to it soon because once I finish Jyosei, there's bowling to look forward to.

* Finding a new job. I suck.

Things that are cool:

* My collection of Ring of Fire covers.

* Sh15uya.

* Corner Gas.

* The boy on the bus who was wearing a white shirt with a pattern of small pink roses.

* Single malt scotch.

eta: Some Doctor Who S2 finale spoilers in the comments.
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