Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

The paranoia meme works as advertised.

I did read all the "10 things" posts that came up on my flist. (I'm not strong enough to resist.) Usually I assume I'm not on the list at all. If I see something like "I like your fic but I don't know you very well" then I think maybe that's me. (I know I'm hard to get to know. It's the same offline.) Otherwise, no.

This time through I did read one negative entry that made me wonder if it was me. But I couldn't bring myself to ask about it.

The result is that now whenever I see this person's posts on my flist, I think, "She doesn't like me." And then I think, "Well, maybe I don't like her. Hmph."

So, success!

NB: This is emphatically NOT a call for people to comment and say they like me. I don't feel generally disliked, I'm not distressed, and I'm comfortable with people disliking me. If you dislike me but still want to read my posts, that's fine. If you dislike me and don't want to read my posts, please feel free to drop me. It won't bother me.

In other news, I have realised that my plan to become a crazy cat lady when I'm old is flawed because I'm allergic to cats. So instead, I will become a crazy Roomba lady with thirty or forty Roombas scuttling around my one-room apartment. I think that's freakier than cats anyhow.
Tags: the migraine pixies made me do it
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