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You can call me Hal.

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The paranoia meme works as advertised.
I did read all the "10 things" posts that came up on my flist. (I'm not strong enough to resist.) Usually I assume I'm not on the list at all. If I see something like "I like your fic but I don't know you very well" then I think maybe that's me. (I know I'm hard to get to know. It's the same offline.) Otherwise, no.

This time through I did read one negative entry that made me wonder if it was me. But I couldn't bring myself to ask about it.

The result is that now whenever I see this person's posts on my flist, I think, "She doesn't like me." And then I think, "Well, maybe I don't like her. Hmph."

So, success!

NB: This is emphatically NOT a call for people to comment and say they like me. I don't feel generally disliked, I'm not distressed, and I'm comfortable with people disliking me. If you dislike me but still want to read my posts, that's fine. If you dislike me and don't want to read my posts, please feel free to drop me. It won't bother me.

In other news, I have realised that my plan to become a crazy cat lady when I'm old is flawed because I'm allergic to cats. So instead, I will become a crazy Roomba lady with thirty or forty Roombas scuttling around my one-room apartment. I think that's freakier than cats anyhow.

the 10 things post meme? not sure i've heard that one.

and i WILL be the crazy lady with cats... though i'll limit the number to two...maybe three because i can't stand the smell of used cat litter.

If the 10 things meme passed you by, be very thankful. It's where you post 10 things you want to say to people, but without naming them. So everybody read them and wonders if they are the one whose tortured prose makes the poster sick to their stomach or if they are perhaps the one who the poster wants to drop from their flist but hasn't yet.

I don't think three cats qualifies you as a crazy cat lady. (Unless you live with them in a cardbord box.) I should think five is the bare minimum. Maybe there's an official scale somewhere.

Possibly the funniest thing I have ever read, ever: http://www.tomatonation.com/roombaloo.shtml

Ahahahaha! I wish that were my life.

I'm allergic to cats too! So I plan on becoming a crazy Benadryl-drugged cat lady.

You'll be the sleeeeeeeeepy cat lady. Cats are definitely superior, since a Roomba won't eat you when you die and nobody finds you for a month. (At least I don't think so.)

I see those things and virtually always think it's possible most of the negative ones are directed at me except ones that contain an identifying feature that makes it real unlikely--like, "that time we met in Winnipeg" (onaccounta, I've never been to Winnipeg). Anyway, the whole thing makes me fretful, but I can't seem to not go ahead and read them. I do, therefore, hate that meme a lot, as I do pretty much all anonymous memes.

I tend to assume that I don't cross people's minds very much, positively or negatively, so normally I don't worry too much about those memes.

But I have been to Winnipeg... Hmm.

... The Roomba lady is quite possibly the best mental image I've had all day.

I also wish I had a bunch of them to follow me as I walk down the street. People would get out of my way.

Would you hate it if someone commented and said they liked you? ♥
*points to self*

Well, I won't ban you, but you're on warning!

A robot vacuum cleaner. They are flat and round and trundle around the floor, sucking as they go.


I didn't do the meme, I couldn't be arsed. Though I'll admit that I did consider saying ten wonderful things about myself and putting it under a cut and passing it off as the paranoia meme. But then I got busy, so meh.

I know you're not looking for snuggles and warm fuzzies but I'm going to say this anyway: I added you to my flist because I was completely enamored of your writing. But I stuck around because you make me laugh and are witty and snarky without being a total hag. ♥

And what the hell's a roomba?

That's a great idea for the meme. Next time, I'll steal it.

Sometimes I wish I could be a total bitch. Intellectually, I know how to but the effects of my upbringing prevent me from putting it into action. I always remember that exchange from Babylon 5:

Sheridan: You have a face people trust.
Ivanova: I'd rather have a face people fear.

Roomba == robot vacuum cleaner. They are round and cute, like motorized sucking Frisbees.

i too am allergic to animals of the feline persuasion

roombas are cool.

i wish ihad one T_T

And you could glue fur onto the Roomba and pretend it was a cat. Maybe I'll do that.

If it helps, I only stick around for the free beer. Because there will be free beer, right?

A friend of mine has a Roomba, though I had no idea it was called that. It's rather menacing.

Tomorrow: Pirates!

Sure, I'll buy you a beer after the movie. Are we meeting in front of the theatre?

I would have a Roomba by now only I have too much clutter stacked all over the floor. Sometimes I think the only way I'll be able to get rid of it is if the place burns down.

Well, some types of cats are meant to be more allergic friendly than others.

For example, Rex's that have hair rather than fur.

And I think there's a difference with hair colouring, its either lighter coloured cats are more allergic friendly or the other way around....

... If thats any comfort at all.

@.@; Not all cats activate my allergies, so I'm hoping that if I keep a mostly outdoor cat, I won't have any problems. *really, really loves cats, and never suffered from allergies, until after family stopped owning one.... But the allergy test says.....*


I didn't use to be too bad with our family cat, when I was growing up, but I find I'm worse now. Maybe because I'm not around cats at all. I went to visit my sister last year and she had been looking after someone's cat for a while. It wasn't around anymore, but I sneezed and itched the whole weekend.

It sucks because I really love cats.

What about some of those hairless cats? And you could shave to match. The only thing crazier than a crazy cat lady is a crazy hairless cat lady.

Maybe I could just shave the cats too. "Come to Mama. It's Shaving Day!"

Will you dress the roombas up in little outfits? (People do this. I'm not kidding. Sometimes in little round French maid outfits.) I don't think you can be a crazy roomba lady without the roomba outfits.

That's a really good point about the outfits. And with so many Roombas, I could dress them up and have them act out scenes from great literature. By which I mean tennis boy fanfic. I guess I've got to learn how to sew now.

Get one of those hairless cats. Bonus-- you don't have to vaccum or pick cat hairs off of your sweater. ♥ What more could you want? (Except maybe pie. Mmm. Pie.)

Those hairless cats creep me out! How can they be proper cats without fur?

Mmm, pie.

(Deleted comment)
Hee! There are never enough opportunities to say, "Brains!"