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Doctor Who: Doomsday + the one before it, whatever it was called

I've been remiss about posting ep reactions ever since I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness that was Lumic. And I've had this half-written since Sunday.

First off: I was happy, so happy to see the Cybermen last episode. I only regret that Lumic does seem to have been killed off. I was hoping we'd see him again because Lumic is my king! (Only I do plan to defeat him.) As you may have gathered, I love me a vast robot army.

And then when the Daleks arrived. Well. I may have needed a moment to myself. It's hard to overstate how much I love them. I love their squat, funny bodies, I love their screamy voices, I love how they should be completely ridiculous but yet are so menacing. Especially when they fly. Seeing the ranks of them flying through the air filled me with such creepy happiness I almost cried. So glad at least one of them seems to have escaped the void. I can only hope he will triumph in the end.

Dalek vs Cyberman was funny and beautiful and of course the Daleks are superior.

And I guess there were some people too. Jackie kicked so much ass in these episodes. I'm going to miss her like burning. She's so real. And Mickey -- you're so fine, you blow my mind. Great to see him all grown up and someone that Rose can build a life with now. Great to see the Doctor give him the respect he deserves. And vice versa -- when Mickey called the Doctor "boss", I smiled almost as much as if they had both been robots.

Pete -- good to see he's still a bit of a jerk. I think I could watch a whole series about him and Jackie negotiating their way through married life. They spark in a good, good way.

The Doctor was less manic than he has been recently, I guess because the situation was rather more grave. The 3-D glasses were a nice touch.

Rose, honey, I do love you but I'm glad it ended. It was never going to be forever. I've said this to a few people already: I think she and Ten enabled each other too much. They were too hyper, too self-congratulatory too much of the time. The beach ending was a bit over the top, but I think necessary for Rose to have closure and get on with her life. Which I would very much like her to do.

Whoever the new companion is -- and I don't know and I don't want to know, not yet -- I hope s/he can dampen the Doctor a bit. He needs a little sarcasm now and again. Hmm, how about Snape?

And now the wait: for Torchwood, and for more Who. With robots, lots of robots.

eta: Now with Ten - Snape comment fic by bethbethbeth!
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