Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

The Prince of Tennis dub is love.

(Please excuse today's posting binge. I guess it's feast or famine Chez Hal.)


I'm very taken with it. It's not the worst dub I've ever seen. And the way they all talk makes me think Racer X could show up at any time, which would be pleasing. *

Sakuno (pardon me, Sa-KU-no) sounds much more confident which, while being out of character, makes me want to like her so much more. And Ryoma really grew on me.

I just -- it made me grin and laugh and Momo sounds great (although I did a real double-take at "Sei-GA-ku"). I want to hear everybody's voices and see how they translate all the dialogue and ask if they'll let me voice Hanamura when the time comes. Or maybe Yukimura. Or anyone, really.

Which Prince of Tennis character should Hal voice in the dub?

* The Boy and I have this conversation all the time. Either one of us might start it.

A: Sanada is so cool.
B: Yeah, he's the coolest ever.
A: Well, except for Racer X.
B: Nobody is cooler than Racer X. Oh, what if they met up some time!
A: And fought crime!
B: I'll be in my bunk.
Tags: tenipuri
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