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You can call me Hal.

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The Prince of Tennis dub is love.
tezuryo toast
(Please excuse today's posting binge. I guess it's feast or famine Chez Hal.)


I'm very taken with it. It's not the worst dub I've ever seen. And the way they all talk makes me think Racer X could show up at any time, which would be pleasing. *

Sakuno (pardon me, Sa-KU-no) sounds much more confident which, while being out of character, makes me want to like her so much more. And Ryoma really grew on me.

I just -- it made me grin and laugh and Momo sounds great (although I did a real double-take at "Sei-GA-ku"). I want to hear everybody's voices and see how they translate all the dialogue and ask if they'll let me voice Hanamura when the time comes. Or maybe Yukimura. Or anyone, really.

Which Prince of Tennis character should Hal voice in the dub?

* The Boy and I have this conversation all the time. Either one of us might start it.

A: Sanada is so cool.
B: Yeah, he's the coolest ever.
A: Well, except for Racer X.
B: Nobody is cooler than Racer X. Oh, what if they met up some time!
A: And fought crime!
B: I'll be in my bunk.

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Oh, randomly, I had a PoT comm idea (I know, the world doesn't REALLY need more) and wondered if you might be interested (in co-running, participating, pimping, whatever) if I go ahead with it.

Y'know that comm erotic_pot that I keep seeing people crosspost stuff from to other comms? It's a weekly rotating pairing challenge, but it's also for smut only. I keep thinking, "Gee, I like that idea, but since it's only for smut, I probably wouldn't ever manage to write anything during the right week, and even if they pick a crackpairing I like, everyone will be too busy writing porn to explain how they got together! Somebody ought to make a comm like that with no rating requirement!"

Then I remembered that I had snagged potfix, and thought that maybe I should make it myself. ;) Possibly either having a more common pairing AND a crack pairing each week, or possibly alternating, or possibly even overlapping (i.e. weeks A and B are TezuRyo, weeks B and C are, I dunno, Shinji/Yukimura, C and D are InuKai, D and E are Marui/Jirou, etc., so that there's a new pairing every week but each pairing has a 2 week span).

The comm idea sounds really cool. I'm a bit wary about making any committments right now since I'm having trouble keeping up with everything in my life and I don't want to sign on and then flake.

I'd certainly help pimp and participate at least some of the time. Pairing challenges are a lot of fun.

Understood. That's definitely something with which I am intimately familiar. -.-

I'm imagining Inui with a really nasally voice and Kaidoh, voiced by Scott McNeill.

And Jesus will weep.

Hell, I'm just glad that TeZooKa didn't become 'Tommy'.

Pix, I love your icon. *_______* ♥

*salutes* Whythankyou, darling.

I'm imagining Inui with a really nasally voice and Kaidoh, voiced by Scott McNeill.

Like VIZ would spring for Scott McNeill!

And Jesus will weep.

Scott McNeill voiced Jesus once.

I'm sure that's significant somehow.

Oh, man, did I have such a crush on Racer X.

*wails* I can't watch it. It keeps telling me to click on an episode to watch when I ALREADY DID!! DDDDDD:

If it still isn't working, someone at tenipuri uploaded them for direct download.

I saw. impressioniste uploaded them.

Thank you for the heads up anyway. :D

Have you managed to see it now? I also saw a torrent on Tokyo Toshokan today.

Yeah. 8D ♥

Gods. ... Ryoma hit puberty so soon. ... but. *shifty* it could've been worse.

And I will take this chance to spam you about your drabble generator. *_____*

fdoigdsihgksdlfgklsehoeiyhwoi45ehy085hegerjhg;kjdhfg;jahjkldhb;kjdfhbk;jadfb OMGOMGOMGOMG. I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. SO GREAT. IT'S SO GREAT.

Hee! I'm glad you're enjoying the Drabble-Matic! It's really fun to see all the drabbles people make with it.

*giggles* *gives you love and snugs*

Good to see that there are other people who didn't hate the dub. Not the best, but definitely not the worst dub out there *coughHikarunoGocough*. In retrospect, I think I actually prefer this Sakuno to the isoundlikei'mabouttodropdeadanysecondfromexhaustion Sakuno---out of character indeed, but much less annoying.

But of course, the best was when Momoshiro said "By the way, I hear there's a HOT new kid on the court." That in itself makes the dub worth watching. XD

My soul died when I hrd Momo, although I liked it when he said "I just gotta, just gotta" It's very Momo-esque and I'm glad they're keeping the translations close, but I dunno, to me it sounded like dry script reading most of the time and not acting.

And yes, the dub for "Hikaru no Go" was O_________O for me, I was well shocked. Hikaru's va, Sam Vincent wasn't too bad, but Sai's va, Brad Swaile, I liked him in Gundam SEED, but he really couldn't pull off the effeminate voice thing he was going for and well, it just didn't work T____T

I rather liked it. Not that it was fantastic, but it made me grin. Oh, Momo! I look forward to more of his flailing.

I thought they killed Momo xD He sounded so off, but everyone else was ok ... meh, it's definitely not one of my favorite dubs, I've hrd worse I guess.

I'm not much for dubs in general, but I thought this was okay. And I really liked Momo. (This may have something to do with the fact that I want to kick Onosoka in the head most of the time. *g*) Time will tell about the rest. I'm just so curious about the rest of the voices.

lol I really like Masaya Onosoka ^^ but yeah, I'm really curious about the rest of the voices too.

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