Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


Comments answered after I finish the draft of this story. For now, randomosity.

* Lucky 19, Whistle!, Fuwa/Fujishiro in summerflinging. Was it one of you who wrote this? I've been trying to puzzle it out. Great story and you know I love this pairing. Read and love and comment.

* Washington Post article about gender bias in the sciences, referencing a recently-published critique by a transgendered scientist. Link via widget285.

* TV-Nihon has resumed subbing Yu-Gi-Oh. They had some source problems that have now been resolved. And I meant to post about this three weeks ago and kept forgetting.

* Prince of Tennis dub on YouTube.

* The National Film Board of Canada put 50 of their animated shorts online including classics like The Big Snit, Neighbours, and Two Sisters.
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