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You can call me Hal.

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shin bunnyhug
Comments answered after I finish the draft of this story. For now, randomosity.

* Lucky 19, Whistle!, Fuwa/Fujishiro in summerflinging. Was it one of you who wrote this? I've been trying to puzzle it out. Great story and you know I love this pairing. Read and love and comment.

* Washington Post article about gender bias in the sciences, referencing a recently-published critique by a transgendered scientist. Link via widget285.

* TV-Nihon has resumed subbing Yu-Gi-Oh. They had some source problems that have now been resolved. And I meant to post about this three weeks ago and kept forgetting.

* Prince of Tennis dub on YouTube.

* The National Film Board of Canada put 50 of their animated shorts online including classics like The Big Snit, Neighbours, and Two Sisters.

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Do you still need/want scans of the Fruits Basket manga?

I'd like to read it but I should be able to get it from StopTazmo. They've got up to 116. (Not sure how long the series is.)

Thankyouverymuch for the YouTube link! ^__^

(Deleted comment)
I'll always prefer the sub, but the dub was kind of fun, I thought. And yes, I can't wait to hear how they sound! Especially Tezuka.

Thanks for the article! For once it was nice to see this issue presented in a level-headed way.

I'd really like to read the paper they referred to -- it would be really interesting to get that perspective.

Hey, Whistle! fic! Woot!

And yay, TV-Nihon and Yu-Gi-Oh! I was really hoping they'd pick back up again.

Have you read the Whistle! manga at all? And how far did you get through the anime?

I admit I'm not loving Yu-Go-Oh! but I'm watching it for cultural purposes, kind of like when I read Lovecraft earlier this year.

(Deleted comment)
It's really great. I just wish they had the Logdriver's Waltz! I'll check YouTube for that one.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh! Thank you. :) That's long been a favourite of mine.

Wow, the article on gender bias was fascinating. I love the comment that men don't notice the privileges of being male.

I should have thought of Youtube when I heard about the PoT dub. I was curious, but not curious enough to download it. The dub's not bad. The most atrocious things about it are the opening and closing credits. Talk about not catchy music, and bizarre editing of random shots. Ryoma's voice is decent, though of course he suffers in comparison to MinaJun. ^^;

The dub credit sequences are so random! Why they didn't just pick an existing one, I have no idea. I could have done a better job with iMovie and GarageBand.

I quite liked the dub for what it was. I guess we'll see how Tezuka and the rest turn out in the next few episodes.

I hope enough people watch the dub that they'll put out DVDs with a sub and dub. I'd really like to have them.

Thanks for the rec - you made my day!

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