Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Memes are hard.

This anon fic meme is cool but oh my god so much work. Not just to write the snippets, but to keep refreshing the pages to look for guesses. So I'm only going to check the ones I've done a few more times and any that are unguessed by tomorrow afternoon will be revealed. I'll post everything here after that.

My fic doesn't seem to be that easily guessable, possibly because I haven't gone for any of my main pairings. Or possibly because it's not that distinctive, stylistically. Or possibly because EVERYONE IS AGAINST ME! OMG!

Yeah, it's time to start cutting back on caffeine again. Maybe every time I want a coffee, I'll just have a beer instead.

eta: I got kestrelsan to try to identify one of my snippets that's as yet unguessed and it took her four tries! After betaing my fic for three years! Well, at least she didn't paste it into the IM window and laugh about how much it sucks. *g*
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