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PoT Fic snippets (+ bonus Hajime no Ippo)

The anon fic snippets, plus a couple other bits and pieces. I've tidied them a little.

Inui/Kaidoh, comment fic for disutansu.

Kaidoh knocked on the door again. Maybe he had the wrong time. Or the wrong day. He thought Inui had said Sunday at 5. Kaidoh pulled out his mobile and dialled Inui's number.

The door opened. "Just a minute," Inui said. He was wearing a pink apron and there was a smudge on his nose. "My mobile's ringing." He pulled it from his pocket. "Hello?"

"Senpai, it's me." Kaidoh held up his phone. "I thought I had the wrong day."

"I'm sorry," Inui said. "How many times did you knock?" A high-pitched beeping filled the air. "Oh no!" Inui ran back into the apartment.

Kaidoh took off his shoes and stepped inside. He had never been to Inui's before. And now Inui had invited him for dinner. Kaidoh was wearing a shirt and tie, which his mother had made him put on. The tie was choking him and he tugged at his collar.

He could see Inui in the kitchen, hunched over the stove. Inui didn't look like he wanted to be disturbed, so Kaidoh sat down on a chair to wait. He was glad to see Inui but he also hoped dinner would be soon; he'd spent the afternoon playing baseball with Hazue and he was starving.

The apartment was nice, mostly Western furniture and bookshelves all around the walls. Kaidoh wondered where Inui's parents were.

"My parents are out for the evening," Inui called and Kaidoh wondered nervously if Inui could read his mind. Then he took off his tie and stuffed it in his pocket.

Inui came out and handed Kaidoh a glass of juice. Kaidoh looked at it. "It's cranberry," Inui said. "What happened to your tie? I thought it looked good on you." He rubbed the smudge on his nose and went back to the stove.

Kaidoh put his tie back on. He sipped the juice, then gulped it when he'd confirmed its normalcy. He wondered how long it was until dinner.

"Dinner will be a few more minutes," Inui called. Kaidoh got even more nervous. This mind reading was just too freaky. Maybe there was a way to test it. I wonder what 34 x 9873 is, he thought. Nothing. Kaidoh relaxed. Except for where the tie was choking him.

An odd smell wafted out to Kaidoh. Not a good cooking dinner smell. And not even a deadly Inui Juice smell. More a smell like something was burnt and now inedible.

Inui came out again. There were three smudges and a frown on his face. "I burnt it," he said. "We can't eat it now."

"That's okay," Kaidoh said, even though he was so hungry he thought he might die. "I'm not hungry."

"I really wanted everything to be nice for you." Inui wiped his forehead and added another smudge.

"It's fine," Kaidoh said. "It's enough that you invited me over."

"Really?" Inui stepped up to Kaidoh and hugged him, which was nice, although Kaidoh wondered if the back of his good shirt was smudged now and how he was going to explain it to his mother if it was.

He hugged Inui back and they stood together for a while, just being close, shifting a little in each other's arms.

Then Kaidoh's stomach growled.

"I'll order some takeout," Inui said.

Atobe/Momo, for svz_insanity, unguessed.

It all started with the cat.

The cat, who had a name, but not one that was known to any of the participants in our tale, ran out into the street just as a large lavender limousine turned the corner at a speed that was really unsafe for a residential area.

Momoshiro, who was standing on the street corner feeling bored, noticed that the cat was about to get squashed. Or probably splattered was a better word. Not that he stopped to think about it. No, our intrepid hero, friend to all creatures great and small, dashed out into the street and scooped the cat out from under the very wheels of the deadly machine.

Of course, good deeds come at a price and for Momo, it was a steep one. He was hit by the car, thrown across the street, and bitten by the cat into the bargain. He knew no more but I will reveal to the reader that the owner of the limousine had his chauffeur call emergency services to convey Momo to the hospital.

There Momo languished in a coma for six long weeks. When he awoke, there was a young man standing by his bedside. "Who are you?" Momo said.

"Who am I? You don't recognize me?" And the young man fainted dead away.

Momo pressed the button to call the nurse and the young man was revived.

"You really don't know me?" he said, having regained consciousness.

"No," Momo said. And for the sake of brevity, as the author is expecting company in about ten minutes, I will pass over Momoshiro's obvious amnesia, the days spent by the young man nursing him back to full health and remembrance, and the touching re-appearance of the cat, along with a full litter of kittens, and skip to the end.

"Oh, Atobe!" (For it was he.) "What would I have done without your tender care?" Momo clasped Atobe's hand between his own and looked up at him with liquid eyes.

Atobe passed a hand over his forehead and looked away. "But I have never told you my secret. I fear that you will hate me, but I cannot let you accept my love until you know all." He stood up straight and his face was drawn. "It was I who hit you and caused you to go into a coma and have amnesia. Well, not me literally, but my chauffeur. So I'm responsible."

Momo's eyes filled with tears and he pressed a tender kiss upon the pale cheek. "Think no more of it. If it hadn't been for the accident, I would never have known these happy hours with you."

Atobe began to cry as well and they embraced passionately and lived happily ever after. Until Momo got rabies from the cat bite and died.

More Atobe/Momo, for svz_insanity, unguessed.

"Why do you think I brought you here?" Atobe said and moved his hand higher.

"Tennis!" Momo tried to inch away, but he'd run out of inches five minutes ago.

"You're old enough to know that not everything is about tennis." Atobe leaned in, his mouth against Momo's ear. "Aren't you?"

Momo's skin prickled and his insides twitched like some sort of twitchy thing, insects of some sort maybe. "What about...I thought...An..."

Atobe put his fingers under Momo's chin and turned his head. Atobe's lips gleamed faintly in the dim light. "We'll bring her next time." He leaned in closer and Momo ran out of time as well as space.

He squirmed back as far as he could and still couldn't get away from the press of Atobe's mouth against his own. Maybe if he just closed his eyes and waited it would be over soon and he could...could...get away and start another life in a foreign country.

"Open your mouth," Atobe muttered. "Or you don't you know how to kiss?"

"I know how to kiss!" Momo said, since his brain did that to him sometimes. It never failed to get him into trouble. But he was in trouble anyhow, so what the hell. He opened his mouth and kissed Atobe back.

And he was in worse trouble than he'd thought because he really enjoyed it. The twitchy insect feeling turned into a floaty happy feeling, like butterflies, if he was sticking with the whole insect metaphor. Also, Atobe's lip gloss was mango flavoured and Momo really liked mangoes.

He did that humming trick that An had showed him and reached around to grab Atobe's ass. Atobe pulled away. "You really do know how to kiss."

"Well, yeah." Momo leaned in to get busy some more.

Atobe pushed him back. "It's no fun to seduce a kiss slut."

"Kiss slut?" Now Momo had a bellyful of dead butterflies and the pressure in his head that he usually only felt around Kaidoh. "You should talk!"

"You are a slut." Atobe said, "I am sophisticated." He stood and dropped some coins on the bench beside Momo.

"What's that?"

"Bus fare home." And before Momo could jump to his feet and do something that would be immediately satisfying but ultimately regrettable, like punching Atobe in his mango-flavoured mouth, Atobe was gone.

Momo kicked the bench and hurt his foot. He scooped up the coins and went to find a bus stop. Halfway home, his phone rang.

It was Atobe. "Tell me how you did that humming thing."

Momo grinned. "Only if you'll play a match with me."

"Tennis slut," Atobe said.

"I'm sophisticated," Momo said and hummed into the phone.

Ryoma, Kaidoh for happiestwhen, unguessed. This was already written, but unposted, an attempt at slash that turned into gen with a few slashy overtones I forgot to edit out.

"Oh ho, kid, I know why you're here."

Kaidoh turned to Echizen. "Who..."

Echizen scowled. "Leave us alone, dad."

Echizen's father was a monk? Which made some sense, since they lived at a temple. A temple with a tennis court. "Uh...nice to meet you," Kaidoh said. "I'm--"

"So, I know what you want." Echizen-san grinned and ground his cigarette out out with a bare toe. "Okay, get on the court."

Kaidoh looked over at Echizen, who shrugged and handed Kaidoh his racquet. Kaidoh took off his jacket. It didn't look like he'd be able get out of this. He would just have to play a quick match with Echizen's father -- it would be like a warm-up before the real match.

"You can serve," Echizen-san said and lit another cigarette.

Smoking on the court. And bare feet too. This guy had no respect. Kaidoh would crush him. But he was Echizen's father. Did that mean Kaidoh should go easy on him? Kaidoh hissed and squeezed the ball in his hand.

"Come on, serve." Echizen-san put his free hand over his eyes. "If you're scared, I can play blind-folded."

"I'm not scared," Kaidoh said and served. He forgot to go easy.

Echizen-san aced the return.

It was a rout. Kaidoh played his hardest and didn't take a single point. He had to work just to make any returns, let alone use any of his finishing moves. And the whole time, Echizen-san smoked, grinned, and clowned around.

When it was match point, Echizen-san's face changed. His eyes narrowed and he looked right at Kaidoh. "Let's see," he said and hit the ball to Kaidoh. An invitation. Kaidoh reacted without thinking, dropping into the familiar stance and pulling his arm back. He sent the ball around the pole.

"Not bad for a kid," Echizen-san said and won the match. He ambled off the court and Kaidoh dropped down onto the bench.

"Your father," Kaidoh said. "Who is he?"

"He's an idiot," Echizen said and pushed his shoulder into Kaidoh's arm.

It made Kaidoh think about sitting on the floor in Echizen's room, like they usually did after a match, not really talking, just leaning on each other. Sometimes they sat back to back and did their homework. "Why haven't I seen him before?"

"He was away for a few weeks." Echizen tugged his cap down. Kaidoh couldn't see his eyes.

"Here you go." Something smacked Kaidoh in the face. "Reward." Echizen-san again, with that annoying grin. Kaidoh picked up the magazine in his lap.

It was full of naked women. Women. With everything naked right there naked on the page. Kaidoh dropped it on the ground. The blood rushed to his face and he heard himself make a gurgling sound.

"You can keep it," Echizen-san said. "I'm done with that one." He waved.

"He's a pervert too," Echizen said and threw the magazine into the bushes.

Kaidoh thought about tennis. It seemed safest. Tennis and tennis racquets and tennis balls and tennis shoes and tennis magazines. Magazines. "Let's play," he said and jumped to his feet.

"You're not too worn out, senpai?" Echizen grinned. It looked familiar.

"I could play five more sets."

"Well, I could play seven."



They managed four and a half before the sun went down.

"You can come in," Echizen said. "But that idiot will still be around."

"Come over to my house," Kaidoh said. They walked over in the dusk. Maybe they should find a new place to play. So they wouldn't have to deal with Echizen's father.

"He's always like that," Echizen said. "My stupid father."

Kaidoh nodded. To have to put up with someone so crude and loud and idiotic. It must be incredibly annoying. He opened his mouth to say so. "Do you think he'd play me again?"

Momo/Eiji, for bookshop, guessed by happiestwhen and bookshop.

"It's too hot to practise," Eiji says and tugs on Momo's arm. "Let's cut." Momo looks doubtful but Eiji promises him ice cream and they sneak off the school grounds while Oishi isn't looking.

They get the ice cream and Momo has two scoops, but Eiji drops his by mistake and so they share Momo's, working fast to finish it before it melts. Eiji licks the last drop off of Momo's thumb.

They go back to Momo's room, because he doesn't have to share, and lie on the floor with the television on, laughing at the shows and trading sticky kisses during the commercials.

The next day, Oishi makes them both run twenty laps. "This is all your fault," Eiji says and puts his tongue out at Momo.

Two weeks later, they do it again.

Inui/Fuji, for storyteller, for which I was suspected of being bothmarksykins and mousapelli. Guessed by marksykins after she figured out she didn't actually write it herself.

Every time they're caught, Inui tells himself it's over. This time Oishi doesn't even blush, just sighs and frowns and tells them to please not do this where anyone can see.

"Yes," Inui says and means it, this time he means it.

He means it for forty-seven hours and twenty-three minutes and then Fuji comes and stands beside him, just stands there, not even touching him, silent and smiling. Inui means it for thirteen seconds more but that's all he can manage before he pulls Fuji down and they slide together on the clubroom floor, Fuji's tongue pressing through Inui's lips and Inui's fingers counting Fuji's ribs underneath his jersey.

"We should do this more often," Fuji says, his mouth on Inui's face, just under his cheekbone.

"Yes," Inui says and tries not to mean it.

Ippo, Sendo. A Hajime no Ippo snippet I wrote while I was watching the series. Kiyasu and Onosaka should play rivals in every sports anime.

"We'll go out and sight-see after this." Makunouchi hits the bag and it twists against Sendo's palms. Sendo holds tighter, bracing himself for the next punch. Each blow rolls through his body, power blunted by the sand, and he remembers how it felt.

He lets go and the bag swings out, then back to knock Makunouchi off his feet. Sendo grabs his wrist and pulls him to the ring.

"Is this okay?" Makunouchi looks worried, he's always worried outside the ring. Sendo's still not used to it.

"Unless you're scared," Sendo says and tosses him the gloves.

They spar without the bell and Sendo has no sense of time passing, only the space between them and the fists they throw across it and the fire in Makunouchi's eyes.

They collapse together, back to back on the floor, too tired and sore to even take their headgear off.

If this is all Sendo sees of Tokyo, it's enough.
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