Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

D&D/gaming filter

I often want to post about the stuff my gaming group gets up to because it's pretty damn hilarious at times. But I never do because it would be very easily identifiable. Strangely, until today I had never considered just locking those posts. D'oh!

If you want to be on the D&D filter (well, we don't just play D&D), please click. (I'll add you if you're not on my flist already.) This is mostly to talk about the social aspect of the games, not "how to min-max your elf wizard" or "attacks of opportunity: huh?". I'll do my best to be amusing.

And maybe there will be Bob/Dave slash.

eta: I've added everyone who voted on the poll. To be added to the gaming filter from now on, please comment here.
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