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You can call me Hal.

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D&D/gaming filter
I often want to post about the stuff my gaming group gets up to because it's pretty damn hilarious at times. But I never do because it would be very easily identifiable. Strangely, until today I had never considered just locking those posts. D'oh!

If you want to be on the D&D filter (well, we don't just play D&D), please click. (I'll add you if you're not on my flist already.) This is mostly to talk about the social aspect of the games, not "how to min-max your elf wizard" or "attacks of opportunity: huh?". I'll do my best to be amusing.

And maybe there will be Bob/Dave slash.

eta: I've added everyone who voted on the poll. To be added to the gaming filter from now on, please comment here.

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I suppose you wouldn't have posted it if you didn't feel comfortable adding pople you don't even know to it. Still, gaming! It's been a while.

Sure, no worries. :) It's just locked so that my gaming buddies don't find the entries and work out that it's me.

Your icon makes me giggle.

Bob/Dave: So wrong, yet so right.

It never occurred to me until I read one of the online comics where they were rolling up some characters together. Bob was getting bad roll after bad roll. Then Dave offered to let Bob use his dice. My god, I thought. Dave has it bad for Bob.

(Bob, though, was horrified and refused.)

Would it be kind of creepy for me to say that I've actually been hoping to hear about your gaming sessions ever since you mentioned them? It really makes me happy in a way non-stalkerish types might not appreciate.

*adjusts dirty trenchcoat*

Hee! I don't think it's *that* creepy... Well, not yet.

If it's going to be hilarious, I'd love to read it. =D

I guess we'll see how amusing it is. :)

"attacks of opportunity: huh" roflmao.

i game too. but the family is into indie gaming; more Shadow of Yesterday than d20 style.

Christ, I had SO much trouble with attacks of opportunity and just when I had them figured out, we'd switch to a d20 system, like Star Wars, that doesn't use them!

I played a bit a long time ago, and I always get a kick whenever I see your Inui int 20 icon. This might be fun. ^^

We played this weekend ourselves, which is why I missed the poll. Add me? :D

love, lore

Please let me in on that D&D action!

I am D&D illiterate but the Bob and Dave posts always make me smile. ^_^

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