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You can call me Hal.

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D&D filter & tuna
If you asked to be on the D&D filter and didn't see the previous post, please comment and I'll add you.

In other news, there are baby raccoons nesting in the tree outside our apartment. The Boy thinks they are cute. I'm more of the opinion that they are vermin.

Also, I had some tuna salad on crackers for supper and I'm still thinking about it, it was so tasty. Tuna, a spoonful of non-fat yogurt, salt, and lots of lemon pepper. Served with little round crackers, a slice of Havarti, and a dill pickle. And there is more for tomorrow!

When I was in school, the only sandwich I would take for lunch was tuna so I ate it every day. I shudder to think how much mercury is in my system. But I still eat tuna every chance I get. Raw tuna is good and tuna steaks are great, but good old canned tuna will always be my favourite.

Sometimes, I make it with soy sauce and wasabi instead, and that's super-good. And next time I think I'll use dill. What's your favourite tuna salad flavouring?

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I also had a tuna sandwich for lunch. Every day for the whole school year of seventh grade. ( I'd sneak outside as much as the weather would allow and escape the nightmare of the lunchroom.) And plain ol' canned tuna with mayo (it has to be *real* mayo, not that Miracle Whip stuff) and pickles and *maybe* a little onion is still my very fav.

Nobody wanted to sit next to me at lunch because of the tuna. But somehow I didn't mind, so long as I had my sandwich. :)

Tuna salad with yogurt and curry spices and carrot slivers and raisins yum!

Ooh, curry is a good idea. I'll have to try that some time.

Tuna fish with mayo and lemon. Mmm. I love tuna fish, I had it for lunch every single day in seventh and eighth grade. (Unless there were nachos that day.)

Why is it so yummy? I want to eat the rest of it right now instead of waiting for tomorrow!

Ooh, yum. I never thought of making it with yogurt, but in our house we already use plain yogurt in place of sour cream a lot, so I can see replacing mayo with it too.

My ideal tuna salad (or chicken salad) should have something that crunches in it. Celery or bell peppers, probably. (Chicken salad should also have something sweet, but not so much tuna.) My favorite thing to do with tuna salad, though, is actually the tuna melt on a bagel (bially, actually, or else an "everything" bagel if they were out) that they used to serve at this awesome bagel place they had out in the Monterey, California area. So good. All cheesy, and with pickles.

Tuna salad with soy sauce and wasabi sounds unbelievably good, though. I love horseradish. (If I were a Tenipuri Mary Sue, Fuji would share his wasabi sushi with me.)

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Ideally, I like tuna with a dab of mayo, a lot of deli mustard, some chopped-up black olives and a few capers. Usually I just settle for the mustard and mayo, though -- and in junior high and high school, it was mayo alone, and way too much of it, because my dad made it.

And nothing crunchy! I have been known to sit and pick out teeny bits of celery from deli tuna before. *g*

Ooh, mustard! I never considered that. I don't like celery in my tuna either. But I've been known to put salt and vinegar chips into my tuna sandwich to make a crunch.

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I like the flavour of the yogurt better than mayo and it's way less calories and fat. Mmm, bagel.

Tuna/mayo = OTP. But basically, this post made me realize two things:

1) I haven't had tuna in a while (why?!?) and
2) I'm really hungry now. ;P

I like mayo too, but I've come to like the yogurt more. I wonder how many people had tuna for lunch after reading this post. :)

I must admit I grew up with great dislike for canned tuna, because the way it was served to me was some bits of tuna swimming in mayo. I didn't even realize that the raw and cooked tuna that I had been eating my whole life was basically the same fish as canned tuna...possibly because I didn't equate canned tuna with fish. But the ideas you and various people commenting are suggesting actually sound very appealing...

Yeah, too much mayo == ick. And I don't tend to associate canned tuna with the other types of tuna, but I love them all, just in different ways. If you try out some of our fabulous tuna recipes, let me know. :)

Ooh, D&D filter... I missed your first post about that, but would like to be added. It seems rare, the rp discussion on my lj.

Hi, I used that drabble generator sometime back, and only now noticed you have an lj too ... Have friended you. Hope that's OK.

If you want to see the drabbles, I'll be happy to show you.


Friending is always okay. :) (And if you get bored with all the anime talk, it's okay to drop me too.)

I'm glad you liked the drabble generator! It gets way more traffic than anything else on my site. I play with it myself sometimes.

Whoops! I'd like to be on the D&D filter. Sorry, missed that. :D

I eat tuna with mayo and melted cheese. Mmmmtunamelts. So good.

Added! I had more of the tuna today. It was just as yummy and I still want more!

oooh. me!! *used to play AD&D*

I already added you from the poll. Can you see the filtered post:


I never make tuna salad myself...

but the cafe around the corner does this amazing thing where they mix the tuna with hard-cooked egg, shaved carrots, dill, and (I think) mayo, sprinkle with celery seed, and serve it on toasted walnut bread with Jarlsberg cheese. It is oh my god heavenly.

Regarding mercury: a lot depends on the type of tuna and how much of it you eat. Canned white albacore isn't so bad.

Re: I never make tuna salad myself...

That tuna salad sounds amazing but oh! so much work. Actually, I think I had that last time I came to see you. It sounds very familiar.

I always read articles about which tuna is the best for you but I can never remember which is which when I'm standing in the grocery store and they never label the tins "not enough mercury to kill you" and "death tuna".

On the filter, please! Gamers are a most amusing ilk.

I would like to be added to the D&D filter, please.

And I also love tuna. Try it on crackers with lemon juice and capers.

You're already on the filter. Can you see this post? http://prillalar.livejournal.com/310335.html

You know, I don't think I've ever bought capers in my life. I should give that a try some time.

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