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You can call me Hal.

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How to cheer up.
mk bisou
MomoKai drabbles by inner_kyuubi. So fun, so in-character. They saved me from a crankiness that even Cancer!Eiji couldn't cure. Please go read and send your love.

In other news, I have so many WIPs I can't pick which one to work on. It's like how if you give somebody a choice between 5 breakfast cereals, they can easily pick one but if they have to pick from 50, it's too hard. Not that I have 50 WIPs. At least I hope not.

I can't remember ever having this many before. Maybe I'm losing my work ethic. Or maybe I just have too many ideas. Either way, it's a problem.

Not that I plan to work on any tonight. My big job for tonight is just to pick one to work on tomorrow. If you have any advice, good or bad, that would help me choose one, let me know. Or, you know, a spell.

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But will Inui make Tezuka cry?

You know, you should do an InuTez story with caps from your Sims. Like a doujinshi only you don't have to draw!

Oooooh, project!

I have been pondering how Inui would make Tezuka cry. So far my data is inconclusive.

Maybe Tezuka is just so overwhelmed by the intensity of Inui's love that he breaks down.

Or maybe Inui cheats on him with Renji.

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