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You can call me Hal.

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How to cheer up.
mk bisou
MomoKai drabbles by inner_kyuubi. So fun, so in-character. They saved me from a crankiness that even Cancer!Eiji couldn't cure. Please go read and send your love.

In other news, I have so many WIPs I can't pick which one to work on. It's like how if you give somebody a choice between 5 breakfast cereals, they can easily pick one but if they have to pick from 50, it's too hard. Not that I have 50 WIPs. At least I hope not.

I can't remember ever having this many before. Maybe I'm losing my work ethic. Or maybe I just have too many ideas. Either way, it's a problem.

Not that I plan to work on any tonight. My big job for tonight is just to pick one to work on tomorrow. If you have any advice, good or bad, that would help me choose one, let me know. Or, you know, a spell.

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Thank you for the link! Also, InuTez *___*

Hrm. I think you should work on whichever one is closest to being finished, so that you can get one story off the WiP list.

Between technical problems and not wanting it to be over too soon, not much. I've resorted to youtube for episode four, but i can't get it to load more than halfway. But oh my, I am dying. My favourite thing is the boys' cliché-ful and largely pointless commentary on tennis and on the girls, for which they abandon their own activities. And if they do it whilst eating fruit, or meat buns, so much the better. It's like the freshman fansquad (one of my absolute favourite things about PoT) only it's even better because it's the girls who capture everyone's attention :)

This show makes me want to write so badly, but I think I'd better wait until I've seen everything, because I'm still pretty much leaning on the PoT crutch to process it all -- I tried my hand today at writing Chiba/Ozaki, but by one paragraph in I realised I was writing them as Inui and Momo. This could either be a really bad thing, or else really good, because it gets around the problem of no-one reading -- just do a find-and-replace, and post it as an Inui/Momo fic? ;P

Do you want me to upload eps for you? I could do yousendit or sendspace. I want you to finish it so we can go on about it!

The AwN boys are darling, but I hardly care about them at all. It's the girls, Ryuzaki especially, that have all my love. Watching Ryuzaki and Midorikawa play each other -- oh my god. It makes me hold my breath.

Chiba/Ozaki! They are such a sweet ship. (When I first saw that fruit scene, I felt vindicated in my shipping because they were eating bananas and Toudou was eating an apple. *g*) I can't quite see them in Inui/Momo-type roles, though. (Not that I would say no to any Inui/Momo!) I'm not really sure just who I would say they most parallel. Hmm.

Also, I like how Maki calls Chiba "Chibachi". :)

Am up and running with episode four *___*

Yes! I really wanted that match to go on forever. And Midorikawa striding into the school in her black coat? So badass. And I am dying to know the Munakata/Midorikawa backstory.

Ryuzaki. Just, her hands. And there's something about the way she holds her racquet when she's not playing. Across her chest, like it's... a shield? I dunno. Anyway, I can't take my eyes off her.

Ahaha, I knew I wasn't quite ready to write fic, then. I should probably stop making parallels at all. :D

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