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SG-1 10.3 Pegasus Project

Okay, after last week's post on how I wasn't going to be posting about SG-1 because I wasn't enjoying it? Wow, this was good.

Way to take a show that I'm struggling to watch and a show that I stopped watching entirely and mix them up into a fantastic episode! It was tight and interesting. I was actually glad to see Atlantis, because I did enjoy that show at one time. And I always, always enjoy McKay.

I sort of thought the universe would explode when Shepard and Mitchell met, but it didn't. I wonder if you swapped them in a sort of exchange program how things would be different on each show.

The Daniel & Vala show is always a good time. And I notice that we didn't actually see Daniel leave Disneyland. I wonder if they'll be able to get him to go or if he'll just show up on on SGA for a few episodes.

Only complaint was that Teal'c had to stay behind and have the boring job. Jesus Christ. He got to sit in a chair for his whole part! They should have left Mitchell behind instead. Except that then we would have missed...

The lemon. Oh my god. Best. Scene. Ever.

In conclusion: any good post-ep Sam/McKay yet? They could blow up a galaxy together and then have sex dinner.
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