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Prince of Tennis OVAs 4 & 5

Notes and reactions while watching the raws.

Episode 4

Singles 2, Eiji vs Kai. Eiji is wearing tight black shorts, like cycling shorts, under his normal whites. Is it to protect his virtue? Were people using camera phones to snap his Domo-kun boxers? Is it a message to Oishi about what you lose out on when you abandon your beloved doubles partner?

Speaking of beloved doubles partners, Momo and Kaidoh are standing beside each other and both smiling! Kaidoh looks a little freaky, actually. Now Kaidoh isn't smiling, but they are a lot more snuggled than before. Well, Oishi is pretty close to Kaidoh on the other side too. (Who can blame him?)

WTF? Ryoma said "Eiji-senpai" instead of "Kikumaru-senpai"! (Though not to his face.) Does this signify a closer relationship or a mistake in the script?

I love Eiji so grim and serious. It's a nice change. Also, I'm actually finding Eiji rather attractive! It's freaking me out, man.

Eiji wins a bunch of games so Kai switches to his incredibly strange grip and does the whole Viking Horn shot. How can that grip even work? And why is Fuji explaining it? Where is Inui?

I feel so badly for Eiji in the flashbacks. Poor sweetie. But the significance is just so undercut by the substitution of Ryoma for Tezuka in that match. Still ticked about that.

The whole doubles for one thing is still too much for me to swallow. Especially when Kai and everybody else seems to see two of Eiji just standing there, not some sort of double-image from him racing around. They see him doing Australian Formation with himself!. The ref comes over to tell him this isn't doubles! WHAT THE BLOODY FUCKING HELL?

God, I can't take it any more. I just. Cannot.

Okay, here's what I suggest: This is Eiji's account of thte match. We're not watching what happened, we're watching what Eiji said happened.

Oh, Eiji called Oishi "aibo"! *melt* *Dekaranger glee*

And the preview for next ep has Momo and Kaidoh arguing in the voice-over!

Episode 5

Okay, time for InuKai doubles. If only they weren't both drawn so weirdly.

Kaidoh is standing in the river, doing weight training on his arms, while Inui hovers nearby with his notebook. LOVE!

Kaidoh says some stuff to Inui about Higa. I must know what they say to each other! Their voices are both so sexy. LOVE!

Kaidoh looks so serious and determined. LOVE!

Back at Nationals, Momo is talking about Kaidoh. I must know what he says about him. LOVE!

Kaidoh puts on a weighted wrist-band. He is wearing a black t-shirt under his jacket. LOVE!

Yagyuu comes over to wish Kaidoh luck. LOVE!

The match begins. We are treated to many, many Kaidoh midriff glimpses. LOVE!

Kaidoh is freaking running all over the court, getting shots that Inui should probably take. And Inui lets him, even not hitting one that comes his way so Kaidoh can dive behind him and take it. I forget -- did we actually see any detail of this match in the manga? Because I don't remember this. But Kaidoh is getting all the balls. LOVE!

Tezuka actually speaks! He says, "Fuji." They must have lifted that from a previous episode, just to try to convince us that this isn' the carbord stand-up again.

Now, the flashback to the confrontation at the tennis thingy. (Genius 240, if you want to go back and re-read it.) Those guys badmouth Yukimura and Kaidoh gets mad at them. Sadly, tragically, crushingly, he does NOT punch any of them. Stupid anime. I want my punching! Kaidoh gets mad and punches people! That's who he is!

Anyhow, Yagyuu shows up and they have their tricksy doubles match. Okay, in the manga, the tip-off about the switch was the socks and lack-thereof. They even switch that in the anime, which I feel is a little unfair to the viewer.

Oh, Yagyuu and Kaidoh are so cute as they tick each other off for messing up each other's signature shots! LOVE!

Kaidoh looks great in the Rikkai uniform! LOVE!

Yagyuu says some stuff to Kaidoh about the Snake, something not good. Which seems to be the reason Kaidoh freaking running all over the court but not using it during the Higa match.

Oh my god! A shot of Shiba pressing her tits up against the wire fence. I was so not expecting that!

Momo watches Kaidoh with great intensity. LOVE!

Kaidoh has a perfect opportunity to hit a Boomerang and doesn't. The sweet, sweet boy, he's trying so hard to do this without his special shot and sweet, sweet Inui is letting him try. LOVE!

More riverbank flashback where Kaidoh confides his misgivings about Yagyuu and the Snake (okay, that sounded weird) to Inui. Inui speaks seriously. I must know what they are saying! His voice is so gentle and soothing. Kaidoh is so pretty. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Kaidoh suddenly has the ABS of DOOM (which actually aren't that attractive, sadly). Momo gasps. Fuji gasps. I don't gasp because I'm holding my breath. "Kore ga ore da! Kaidoh Kaoru da!" I'm a bit shaky, typing this up. LOVE!

Momo is just stunned. I think Horio is going to cry. I think I'm going to cry. It's 5-3 for Seigaku and one of the Higa guys passes out, he's so exhuasted, so Higa defaults.

Inui says a bunch of nice things to Kaidoh. Please, somebody tell me what they are! He's so, so proud of his boy. So proud. LOVE!

Kaidoh passes Momo on his way out of the court and Momo says a bunch of nice things to him. Kaidoh just tosses Momo the weighted wristband he wore through the whole game. Momo is stunned, amazed, and very turned on. LOVE!

I am freaking exhuasted just from watching that. Oh, oh, oh, Kaidoh. You are my favourite forever and ever. You are the coolest and the hottest and the hardest working. You should have anything you want. And anyone. Just let me know.


I think I gave myself a migraine from the tension. Okay, time to watch again.
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