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You can call me Hal.

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Le weekend
Things done:

* Finished the draft of one of my eleventy million WIPs. I should get a cookie!

* Ate some tuna salad, this time made with soy sauce and wasabi, with crackers, dill pickles, drunken green beans, and kalamata olives. Heaven on earth.

* Re-read The House with a Clock in its Walls by John Bellairs and wished I were a wizard or witch of independent means living in a big old house next door to my best wizard or witch friend with whom I played poker, ate chocolate chip cookies, and defeated the forces of darkness. It seemed like so much fun. Also, we would be drawn by Edward Gorey.

* The bender and the porn.

* Avoided doing any more things I would regret later.

Things linked:

* santa_smex - PoT fandom holiday gift fic exchange. I haven't cut and pasted Marks's sign-up signed up yet, but I will. Deadline is Aug 15.

* Apple recalls some laptop batteries. Go check to see if yours is one of them. (via j00j)

* PuriPuriD episode 1 subbed (torrent file). Shut up. It's funny and there are toku boys in it.

Things wished:

* Write me porn, Pix! I keep thinking about it.

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*eyes holiday exchange* ...nope, those rules are not for me. Darn. I bet there will be some fun fic written for it, though, some of which I may even read before the author reveal.

I'm a sucker for these things, though I always seem to be cranky around the deadlines. Plus anon things suck for feedback. But I like to play. :)

See, I love Yuletide even though I am not so hot with deadlines (or word counts -- somehow it's always 1000, although I suppose it's good for me since 1000 words usually means I have to write more than one scene; my average single scene tends to be about 500-600). And I could probably get over either the smut requirement (more of a reader gripe than a writer gripe, but on the other hand, if I'm not inspired to write smut then it's usually lousy smut) OR the way that one has to list everyone one WON'T write instead of only the things one will (again increasing my odds of having zero inspiration, whereas if I only have to opt IN then I can pick pairings I know I want to write about), but then there's the bit about holiday stories, and the odds of my being matched up with someone who can write Christmas porn I'd want to read more than once are, sadly, pretty small. :(

(Although, I admit, I never get sick of mistletoe stories ever.)

With these things I usually look at it as an opportunity to write. Sometimes I get a great story, sometimes not. But I enjoy having to write to spec once in a while.

I'm hoping the holiday aspect won't be too emphasized. Every year, I dread the many, many Christmas stories that get posted by people who couldn't be bothered to use Google to see what might be different between Japan and wherever they live.

The House With The Clock In Its Walls is perhaps my all-time favorite book from childhood. There are two scenes in there that stand out so clearly in my memory: Lewis and his fickle friend drawing the chalk circle and raising the Izard from the dead (which is why Eddie Izzard's name only makes me giggle, now); and Selena with the Hand of Glory. OMG! Even now just thinking about that scene raises the hair on my neck. *g*

I think I'm going to read through as many of those as I can. I've read most of them, but as an adult, not a child. They are strangely creepy and cozy at the same time. The Hand of Glory! Yeah, that was freaky.

I wish I had a cookie...

I have an list of filthy, shameful, smut-filled fics I'm going to write just as soon as I get this book bundled off to the printer. The two months before Yaoicon are always nuts for me since I procrastinate the entire year long and then have to kill myself to hit my deadlines. I maintain that my stories are better for it. :D

Afterwards, though...oh, yes. I'm going to spend at least three months glutting myself on fandom. And there will be much rejoicing.

Mmm, cookie. Cookies and porn. :)

Good luck with your deadline! I tend to be that way too, though I don't know if my work benefits or suffers.

PuriPuriD is subbed! yay!
and what are drunken beans?

They are sort of pickled spicy green beans. They sometimes put one in a Caesar. I just eat them plain.

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