Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

One of these days, I might post something with paragraphs.

Things I enjoyed reading:

* Fic: Kick Him While He's Down by mousapelli, Whistle!, Shige/Mizuno, Kazamatsuri/Fuwa. Cute and funny, just like you'd expect. Oh, Shige!

* Fic: Cat Toys by mayhap, Prince of Tennis, Ryoma/Kaidoh/Karupin. The One True Threesome. ♥♥♥

* Scanlation: We Love Takashi, two short stories by Tono Anna, scanlated and posted by leviosa8 (who you should friend if you haven't already). Prince of Tennis. Kawamura is very best love.

Things I have for you:

* Two Vox invites. Comment with your email address, first come, etc. Gone.

* Nothing else today, sorry.

Things I would be happy to never read again in any fanfic ever:

* "It felt like coming home."

* Detailed descriptions of everybody's outfits.

* Spin the bottle.

Things I would be happy to read again in just about any fanfic:

* Kissing up against the wall.

* Detailed descriptions of Kaidoh's outfits. Hell, it doesn't even have to be in fanfic. Just a random description of a hot Kaidoh outfit would pretty much set me up for the day.

* Prom.
Tags: tenipuri, whistle!
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