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You can call me Hal.

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One of these days, I might post something with paragraphs.
Things I enjoyed reading:

* Fic: Kick Him While He's Down by mousapelli, Whistle!, Shige/Mizuno, Kazamatsuri/Fuwa. Cute and funny, just like you'd expect. Oh, Shige!

* Fic: Cat Toys by mayhap, Prince of Tennis, Ryoma/Kaidoh/Karupin. The One True Threesome. ♥♥♥

* Scanlation: We Love Takashi, two short stories by Tono Anna, scanlated and posted by leviosa8 (who you should friend if you haven't already). Prince of Tennis. Kawamura is very best love.

Things I have for you:

* Two Vox invites. Comment with your email address, first come, etc. Gone.

* Nothing else today, sorry.

Things I would be happy to never read again in any fanfic ever:

* "It felt like coming home."

* Detailed descriptions of everybody's outfits.

* Spin the bottle.

Things I would be happy to read again in just about any fanfic:

* Kissing up against the wall.

* Detailed descriptions of Kaidoh's outfits. Hell, it doesn't even have to be in fanfic. Just a random description of a hot Kaidoh outfit would pretty much set me up for the day.

* Prom.

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Ooh, Vox invite. To akatonbo at kudaranai dot net please?

Where are you finding spin the bottle fic? (If any of it is good enough to read when one isn't sick of it, anyway.) Kissing up against the wall NEVER gets old. Mmm.


The party game fic is here and there, some on LJ, some on ff.n. Not sure why I've taken against it so when I still love me some standard pairings prom fic. I guess I'm just cranky. :)

*shifty* I just wrote a fic where I described both mains' clothes in loving detail... possibly several times. But in my defence, I HAD just kicked them back to restoration England, so I had good reason to suspect my readers might not know exactly what they were wearing, lol.

Hee! Well, you can probably edit that line to "unecessary descriptions."

Vox invite??

And I really really have got over describing clothes. It took me a long time, though...

Vox.com is Six Apart'ss new blog service. Everybody is grabbing accounts with their LJ names, but people aren't really posting there at all.

Vox invite, if there's still one going ^^; sememura@btinternet.com



Kissing against the wall will make me forget just about every other thing wrong with a fic. Especially if it's Momo and Kaidoh and they're both angling to be the push-er and not the push-ee.

As in school graduation dance sort of thing?

You know yesterday, I was asking where the Takashi love was. XD

Looks like its been found.

Um, feel awkward about this, but I have two vox invites as well so if anyone wants them, I'm happy to send them out.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Wallkissing is a beautiful, beautiful thing. And PROMFIC? Whyyy have I never seen promfic? I feel I am missing out on an important part of my fandom experience.

The promfic is mostly on ff.n. And there's a fair amount of it, though never enough for me. It's my fave genre, especially if it's standard pairings. I also loooooove standard pairings reunion fic. Actually, pretty much any non-spin-the-bottle standard pairings fic. :)

I check ff.n every day.

Also I am sure I have NEVER seen a prom fic (in any fandom), but maybe that's another result of my never looking at ff.n.

You are so missing out! They rule. In one, Atobe and Tezuka went together and Tezuka wore an evening gown.

Where has the "It felt like coming home" been used? Because I've never actually seen that one before. XD

AGGRESSIVE KISSING UP AGAINST WALLS IS NEVERENDING LOVE. ♥ And I second the notion of detailed descriptions of Kaidoh's clothes. *drool*

Where has the "It felt like coming home" been used? Because I've never actually seen that one before.

I've seen it lots and lots. In good fic, too. It's just tired, that's all.

Kissing up against walls, though, will never get tired. Mmm. And maybe there should be a comm where somebody posts a description of Kaidoh's outfit every day.

It felt like coming home.

Did Oishi find his soul in Eiji's ass again?

Oh, fanfic - how I love thee.

'The boomerang snake specialist was clad in white jogging shorts and a hunter green tank top, which slipped to bare one shoulder - accidentally resulting in several sudden visits from the erection fairy to many nearby rival tennis players. If one looked close enough, Kaidoh's panty line was quite visible, thereby cementing Inui's previous suspicions that Kaidoh did, in fact, wear baby blue manties.

Then they played spin the bottle and Fuji ate Kaidoh's face off. Tezuka was incredibly offended and left early.

As he entered his house, he sighed happily. It felt just like coming home. Because that's exactly what it was.

The end.'

Then they played spin the bottle and Fuji ate Kaidoh's face off.

Was it up against the wall? Did Fuji ask him to prom afterwards?


Aw. Is the spin the bottle moratorium just limited to PoT? Because this one fic "Spin the Giles" is like my favorite thing ever in any fandom, period.

I could really do without the word "folds" ever being used in fic again.

I'm scared to even think about the context.

So Kaidoh's outfits = love, but no one else's? XD *squishes Kaidoh and his uber cool fashion sense*

It's because I'm so obsessed. :) Inui's outfits get a look-in too, when he's with Kaidoh. I stop reading and try to imagine them in those clothes. Like the one with Kaidoh in a yukata and Inui in black jeans and no shirt.

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