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You can call me Hal.

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Kabuto & Boukenger downloads
(This is the most weird round-about jokey icon.)

TV-Nihon has uploaded recent eps to Megaupload to tide us poor non-IRC folk over while the BT page is down. I have not yet been able to complete a download, Megaupload being what it is, but I will keep trying. If anyone else has, let me know.

Kamen Rider Kabuto 26

Kamen Rider Kabuto 27

Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger 22

I'm way behind on Boukenger -- I think I just watched episode 8 -- but I'm slowing catching up. It's fun and I love the Chief, but it's silly where Dekaranger was campy and nobody (well, except for the Chief) is nearly as cool. I hadn't got around to downloading Magiranger; we'll see when and if I get the chance.

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Randomly... I have seen several posts regarding IRC today. I am so happy I no longer use it (most of the time, only when desperate for a fix! :) )

I wish I could use it, but I've never been able to get fserves to work on Mac OS X. DCC sometimes does, but not enough that it's really a good option for me.

I managed to get episode 26, but I'm still working on 27! Megaupload... >_< Bah.

I've just completed 26, but now I have to wait 262 minutes before I can download anything else. I think I'll wait til I have both to watch. I'm just happy they made them available!

I was too excited to wait that long, lol. So I got onto my neighbor's wireless network (cuz they don't have a password... ^^;;) and downloaded it from there. And it worked! So if you don't want to wait, I could send it to you over AIM or something. ^.^

It's okay, I got them both. Ep 26 was so amazing; I think I was holding my breath half the time. Kagami was so beyond cool. I must make an icon of him soon.

I saw the first couple episodes of Boukenger at AFO not long ago. Holy crap, it's the sentai show for kids with ADD.

Is the whole show like that? (Not that I'm saying it's a bad thing.)

Pretty much, yeah. I'm actually not sure why I'm still watching, but I'm hoping it will get a little better. Or maybe it's just to to have something to compare Kabuto to. *g*


Man, I need to snag some time to watch Kabuto. Ah, pretty tokusatsu boys and lots of monsters blowing up.

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