Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Rec, Vox, Monday

You know what's great? When you say to someone, do this thing I want you to do or else my winged monkeys are going to trash your house and eat your cat. And then they actually do the thing you wanted them to do so the monkeys can get you a beer instead. And also you get what you wanted.

Which was this: Five Ways Inui Made Tezuka Cry by mayhap. A Sims comic! Sim!Inui is such a stud and you really have to see Sim!Tezuka's outfit to believe it. The whole thing is awesome. I think I'll send the monkeys over with a pizza to say thanks.


I am prillalar on Vox and I am not posting there. I do have 5 invites, if anyone still doesn't have one. Comment w/ email to claim. All gone.


It's Monday. I think I will spend the day pondering who to extort with the winged monkeys next. I could really go for some bittersweet MitKo.
Tags: inutez, tenipuri
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