Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I like coffee.

Today is my last day of regular employment. I have a migraine, which seems fitting. I should be able to get through by A. consuming massive amounts of caffeine and B. reminding myself that it's my last day!

Ideally, I wouldn't be consuming caffeine at all. My life tends to go a lot better when I don't have to make coffee before I can feel awake in the morning. I spend less money and less time wanting to crawl underneath my desk with a blanket over my head. (Though that can be very relaxing.) But it creeps up on me. A migraine here, a sleepless night there, a project that I have to focus focus focus for. Next thing you know, I'm on three cups a day.

Last week I went into one place I've been going regularly and ordered a Shot in the Dark, because I was just that sleepy. "You used to get decaf," the barrista said. "Even I don't get a Shot in the Dark!"

"I'm tired," I mumbled. He doesn't know that I've been going to two other coffee houses as well, so nobody will really know the level of my consumption.

Tomorrow I will start cutting back. I will read all the fic I have open in tabs. I will go for lunch with a book and have a beer.

I will breathe.
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