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InuKai is LOVE

I've been sick for two days (yeah, I missed my post-job-ending pub lunch -- I'll do it next week). I wish I had just written some sappy InuKai because that always cheers me up. My brain isn't up to very much, though. If I did try some, it would probably come out like this:


One day Kaidoh Kaoru noticed that although Inui-senpai's hair was spiky and weird, it was also very attractive. And that although Inui-senpai's glasses gleamed coldly and scarily in the light, they also made him look very nice. And that when Inui-senpai asked Kaidoh how many wind sprints he had done yesterday, his voice was thrilling and low and sexy.

Then Kaidoh noticed that these were all wildly inappropriate thoughts to have about a senpai who was also a boy on top of that and then his face got hot and red and he really hated when that happened and besides he had three pimples on his chin and how could Inui-senpai ever love someone as spotty and lame as Kaidoh?

Then Kaidoh noticed the word "love" which was written in his brain now in really big red flashing letters and it seemed like a big leap from nice hair to blinking love and so Kaidoh muttered that he had to go home and watch his brother and ran away from Inui-senpai as fast as he could. When he got home, he held his head under the cold tap until his face wasn't hot and red anymore. But the pimples were still there.

The next day at school, Kaidoh tried to avoid Inui-senpai, which he did by sneaking around to see where Inui-senpai was, because how could he avoid him if he didn't know where not to go? And he saw Inui-senpai talking to Fuji-senpai and Fuji-senpai laughed and said, "Oh, Inui," and put his hand on Inui-senpai's arm. And Kaidoh felt his brain go all red and blinky again and he nearly rushed in and punched Fuji-senpai right in the mouth, but he tripped over his school bag and fell on the floor and by the time he got his feet untangled from the bag strap and stood up, they were gone. Kaidoh went to the toilets and squeezed his pimples.

The day after that, Kaidoh tried to avoid Inui-senpai some more and it turned out to be easier that time because Inui was by himself. He was writing in one of his notebooks, like he always did whenever Kaidoh told him about wind sprints and pushups and such. But when Kaidoh looked closely, he saw that the name on the notebook wasn't his; it was Tezuka-buchou's! Kaidoh got all hot and angry and wanted to punch Tezuka-buchou but he wasn't there. Kaidoh's chin was all inflamed and throbbing and it hurt all afternoon.

The day after the day after that, Kaidoh avoided Inui-senpai by going up to him and giving him all the training data he could think of, even including what he was wearing to run in and how he had passed Fudomine's Ibu eating Pocky outside a convenience store. Kaidoh tried to keep his hand over his chin while he was talking.

"Kaidoh, do you want to go out with me?" Inui-senpai said.

Kaidoh punched Inui-senpai in the mouth. Then he ran away.

Now Kaidoh had about a million problems, like the fact that he had just punched Inui-senpai after Inui-senpai asked him out. And that he was so lame. And his pimples really hurt. And he had just PUNCHED INUI-SENPAI! Right then, Kaidoh was so lame that he should just transfer to another school so he would never meet Inui-senpai again. He'd have to play another sport, too. Maybe baseball. And he didn't even know why he had reacted that way when of course he wanted to go out with Inui-senpai.

He stood beside a tree and punched at the bark, like a lame loser might do, and his eyes hurt and he had to keep blinking and his hand hurt and his face hurt and his chin hurt and his heart hurt and if he was lucky, maybe the tree would fall on him and he would die.

"Kaidoh?" said a thrilling and low and sexy voice.

Kaidoh wanted to hide behind the tree and pretend he wasn't there. He wanted to hit Inui-senpai again. He wanted to run and run until he came to the ocean and then swim as far out as he could and live on an island as a hermit. "I'm sorry," he muttered, and put his hand over his chin.

"Did you hit me because you don't like me or because you do like me?" Inui-senpai said with his nice hair and nice glasses and long fingers on his nice hands and Kaidoh couldn't answer because the words were too big to come out of his mouth. So he jammed his head into Inui-senpai's chest and just stood there, lame and sad and his knuckles really hurt from hitting the tree.

Inui-senpai laughed, which meant that he thought Kaidoh was stupid and an idiot and really, really lame. Then Inui-senpai put his arms around Kaidoh's shoulders and pulled him in close and it was so nice that Kaidoh's whole world went blinking and red.

"It's okay," Inui-senpai said, and Kaidoh stood there, wishing he weren't so lame, and hugged Inui-senpai back.

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