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You can call me Hal.

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Am no longer sick. Instead, am trapped in house not my own with parents and siblings and nieces and nephews and oh my god so much NOISE.

Am hiding out in basement with laptop and wi-fi and Kamen Rider Kabuto episodes. Soon will be compelled to go to petting zoo.

Send help Kaidoh porn!

There are chickens at the petting zoo.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: I'll work on the porn

I am completely in love with your icon.

Re: I'll work on the porn

Those chickens were so fluffy I think they were really mutant angora rabbits.


Tachiki didn't even jump, and Tsukada grumbled to himself that he was losing his touch, just turned his head far enough to raise an eyebrow. Still mostly hidden behind him, the girl's skirt was crumpled high on her thigh, her shirt slipping down to bare a tanned shoulder.

"Something wrong, captain?" Tachiki inquired. his uniform jacket was missing and his shirt was hanging loose on his shoulders, clearly unbuttoned.

"GIRLS in the CLUBROOM, Tachiki!" Tsukada barked, and Tachiki smirked harder like he knew that Tsukada wasn't sure which of those words he'd meant to emphasize. Behind him, the girl shrank closer against him to hide herself more and quickly smoothed down her skirt.

"Should've just asked if you wanted to share." Tachiki reached behind him and yanked Tsukada forward to stumble into his back, and even though the girl yelped and pressed her face to Tachiki's chest, Tsukada caught enough of a glance of Misaki's wide, brown eyes above the cute blush to make his jaw drop.

LOVE. Is there anything Tachiki can't make Misaki do? If you ever wanted to write more of this, I sure wouldn't stop you.

no. no there isn't.

*is sneaky*

How about a little Kaidoh porn?


Kaidoh gasped and arched his back. "Stop that...it's not...uhn...we're outside..."

The other boy looked up from his studied attention to Kaidoh's erection, glassing flashing with the motion. "But Kaidoh-kun, I thought you were an outdoors person."

"That doesn't..." Kaidoh gasped again as he was licked from base to tip. "Someone could see!"

"Well, perhaps next time we should meet indoors and not where we could be seen," the other boy said, his voice low and sultry. He lifted a hand from Kaidoh thighs to push up oval-shaped glasses. "But right now, I think we should finish what we started, don't you agree Kaidoh-kun?"

Kaidoh opened his mouth to protest, to say how stupid the whole scenario was, when his erection was suddenly engulfed by a hot and wet mouth. At that point, any arguments took a backseat to the enthusiastic blowjob he was receiving.

Later, spent and somehow still annoyed, Kaidoh shifted for a more comfortable position on the grass until he was suddenly pulled into a warm and firm embrace.

"What is the matter, Kaidoh? I thought you were fond of roleplaying," Inui murmured, tightening his arms.

Kaidoh grunted. "You're too jealous, senpai. We only played a game against those Muri Ga Oka bastards and that's all. And it was his idea to switch, not mine."

Inui chuckled, running an idle hand up and down Kaidoh's chest. "I am not jealous. Well, less than 10% jealous. But I am mostly intrigued by the idea. Don't you find it exciting?"

His irritation spiking, Kaidoh shot a glare over his shoulder. "Not outside! And where did you get those glasses anyway? And the Rikkai Dai uniform?"

The oval-shaped glasses glinted as Inui craned his neck forward for a kiss. "Se-cr-et."


I. Feel. So. Dirty. And it is so bad. I cannot do porn.

Oh, Inui! He is too deliciously evil and sexy. And I love the scenario. You could do a whole series about it!

I am much cheered up now. :) Though I still need three showers to wash the trauma of the petting zoo off me.

How awful. {{{Hal}}}

I have no porn for you, sadly. But I am thinking of you and sending good (quiet!) vibes in your direction.

Thanks, honey. My family are all good people; I just need way, way more alone time than I'm getting. Luckily the Boy enjoys being the uncle, so he pitches in and helps with entertaining the kids.

Hope you'll get some time to yourself when you get home, at least. Very nice of the Boy to distract the munchkins for you!

Hopefully this works *crosses fingers*
as I don't want to spam your comments with a 600X850 frame


Oh my god, that is so hot! Up against the wall and the leg between the thighs and Kaidoh's pretty hair and... *stares for an hour*

InuKai makes everything better. Thank you.


Yes. One of my favorite doujin panels for exactly those reasons. Glad you liked.

Put Kaidoh in the petting zoo. Simple. :P

Hee! I can picture that. I'm sure he'd get lots of attention. But he'd probably hide sullenly back in the furthest corner.

I've read a few stories about Kaidoh going to a petting zoo, but I think this one would have depressed the hell out of him. It sure did me.

Given his tender-heartedness towards all things small and fluffy, I daresay it would. The whole concept of zoos is pretty nasty.

You're into Kamen Rider Kabuto too? *_*

I am! I've been posting about it a bit lately.

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