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You can call me Hal.

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Unpopular fandom opinions meme
In case you care what I think.

1. Fanfiction.net and Mary Sues are good things. Seriously, I don't know why people get so up in arms about badly written fic, as though they themselves leapt fully-formed from the head of Margaret Atwood. Everybody's got to start somewhere and most people improve with time. Fanfiction is, for the most part, about sharing your fannish love and I love that everyone can do that and that pretty near everyone can find an audience for their efforts.

2. John and Rodney aren't slashy at all. I still have no idea where that pairing came from. I never saw it at all in the season and a half of SGA I managed to choke down. I was positively gleeful over the lemon.

3. Harry Maybourne is hot, hot, hot. I just don't get why so few people see this. He's not Jack's One True Love (we all know that's Thor) but he is Jack's One True Foil and I could watch them together forever. And did I ever tell you about my dream where Harry was my sugardaddy?

4. Harry Potter fandom isn't "fandom". I really wish people would stop talking about "fandom" when they mean "HP fandom". This does happen in other fandoms as well, but HP is the biggest offender.

5. Horio is freaking awesome. De gustibus, I suppose, but I love him so much that I'm a bit blind to why he annoys people.

6. Most LJ posts are boring. Mine included.

7. The Prince of Tennis musicals are mostly very, very stupid. Except for the parts with the ichinen trio. And Abe. I get why they're fun, but I just don't understand why all the freak-out over them. (If you just want pretty boys, there's lots of Kamen Rider to watch.) I'm trying to watch through them, but I get bogged down by boredom.

8. Tezuka and Oishi belong together. Karupin knows I ship a jillion Tezuka pairings. But Oishi is the beginning and he will be the end.

9. Fangirl Japanese isn't the end of the world. Anyhow, everyone's definition of fangirl Japanese is "more than I use myself". Yeah, sometimes it's way overboard. Yeah, sometimes it's used incorrectly. Yeah, it may come across as unprofessional and unedumacated. But this is fanfic, not a professional translation. Fandom has its own conventions.

10. [ opinion deemed too unpopular to express ]

I had some more but they started getting back into older fandoms. I'm sure nobody wants to hear my rants about Jeffrey Spender now.

eta: By popular demand, the Jeffrey Spender rant. Which will not be an unpopular opinion with anyone reading my LJ right now, I'm sure, but which was not popular back in the day.

11. People shouldn't dislike Jeffrey Spender just because Mulder doesn't like him. Way too many people hated Spender just because he was set up as an opponent to Mulder. Frankly, Mulder is a total freak who gets holes drilled in his head and never follows established procedure. The only reason Mulder is right about anything is that he's the main character of the show. If you ran across him in real life, you wouldn't be on his side because you'd think he was delusional. Dislike Spender if you must, but dislike him because of who he is, not just by default. Don't assume he's the bad guy before you even know his story. *hugs him*

One opinion that's not unpopular but must be said:

1. There will never, never, ever be enough InuKai in the world.

Big *word* on number 4. That drives me batshit when people do it. Of course, other folks do it as well, but not as often.

I think it's that when HP people do it, it often seems like they believe it, rather than just using it as shorthand. (Disclaimer: Of course not every HP fan is like this. Like you and me, for instance. *g*)

I don't follow any of the Japanese fandoms, but for 1-4 I'm with you. And Harry Mayborne and Jack are so hot the screen scorches for me when they're together.

Hmm. Fannish bunny biting: how about a remake of Noel Coward's Private Lifes, with Harry and Jack as the older couple who broke up, Sam (or Daniel in his naive phase) as Jack's second wife and Makepeace as Harry's second spouse?

Harry and Jack just have the most amazing chemistry. I don't interpret it as sexual, but they play off each other SO well. I'd be happy to see them in anything.

It's not that I mind that there's badfic at all, it's that I mind when I can't find but three remotely readable stories for a fandom/pairing/concept that has a hundred. Occasionally this is because I have an unpopular fandom opinion (e.g. Hisoka from Yami no Matsuei is not an uke, goddamnit) but mostly it is because people can't write for beans.

Yeah, it sucks when there's nothing to read. It's just that so many people seem offended by the very existence of badfic. That I just don't understand.

I thought once I got into SPN and out of Numb3rs I wouldn't have to check ff.net each day for fic, but I still do. I totally do. And now I have a system so I'm not drowing in SPN stories because there are a lot. I love it there (except sometimes the ads screw up my browser.)

ff.n is my anti-drug. :)

Also, Horio IS awesome. He's annoying to the people around him in the series, but as a character he's hilarious.

Tomoka, on the other hand, is a bit grating. But she still has the potential to be used for awesomeness by a sufficiently imaginative writer.

Horio is so my jailbait boyfriend. I want to take him to the prom.

I had some more but they started getting back into older fandoms. I'm sure nobody wants to hear my rants about Jeffrey Spender now.


I broke down and edited the post to include the Spender-rant. :)

As a rabid Tenimyu fan who thinks that tenimyu > anything else even marginally related to PoT: Tenimyu is the most retarded musical in universe. It has some of the worst singing, worst dancing and worst acting I've ever seen in any musical. The music is cheesy and the storytelling is incoherent at best. And the combination of all those disasters is really really what makes the trainwreck so beautiful to watch. Taking the myus seriously sucks all the fun out of them, the fact that they sucks so much you just have to laugh your ass off and enjoy is exactly the whole point of it. :D

So no, your opinion there is not unpopular. The great majority of the tenimyu fandom is glad to admit that we love it because it sucks. The pretty boys are incidental. ;P

I have a great love for bad things. Hey, I read Ed Wood novels. But a lot of the time the myus bore me and I have no love for that. But there are bright spots, so I do keep trying to work my way through.

YES on #2. I happily think of the show and the fandom as completely separate entities, and scratch my head at the squee over each new episode and its "slashy moments."

For me #9 can be the end of the world because I can get thrown out of the fic if it's used excessively or in extremely incorrect ways. I've had to abandon good fics because the sheer amount/wrongness of the Japanese would start leaping out of the page at me.

Re fangirl Japanese, it does throw me out of stories too and I know it must be way worse for you. I just dislike the way people sometimes go on about it like it's morally wrong.

I want to hear your unpopular opinions on Jeffrey Spender! Do tell!

I have updated the post to add that in. :)

Horio <333

I'm a bit conflicted on Tenimyu, myself. I can't stand musicals in general, mostly because I can't seem to process or accept this one essential fact of the musical genre: the story stops and people break into song and dance. When they do so I start giggling uncontrollably, doubly so when said song and dance involves tennis racquets being swung wildly around, triply so if said song is supposed to be really heartfelt and deep and meaningful. So I've really only watched the Dream Live concerts (because singing is the point, there), and sometimes the parts of the others that get linked on youtube as "OMG TEZ/ATOBE MOMENT THEY ALMOST KISS" or similar.

I am a huge fan of the backstages, but the only point of those is to see, say, Momo hugging Kaidoh, or Oshitari making Tezuka eat a banana. Of course, you are right that pretty boys are in many other shows and series, but this is the only place to see them being pretty and silly and fistbopping each other while in Regulars uniforms and oval-framed glasses *_*. And there are one or two songs from the soundtracks that aren't bad, especially when people do acoustic versions of them in the Dream Lives. Hm. I guess what I mean is that I like the musicals (that is to say, the fact of their existence) a lot as long as I don't have to watch them? ;)

I really love musicals. I could watch them every day. But tenimyu bores me a lot and that's hard to get over. The Dream Live concerts are better for that because there isn't the tedium of the matches to watch. And so much crack!

The backstage stuff is the hardest for me to comprehend because it's not Momo hugging Kaidoh, it's one actor hugging another. Which is nice and all, but nothing that impacts my interpretation of the characters or adds to my shipper glee.

I don't hate the musicals, and, yeah, like mullets and Saskatchewan, I'm glad they're out there, somewhere. :) It's comforting.

Wait, there's an opinion you deem too unpopular to express? That's the one I really want to hear. *g*

An opinion more unpopular than the dissing of McShep? I cannot bring myself to name it.

John and Rodney started sleeping with each other because Ford turned out to be way too young and too worshippy for Sheppard. If people had known about Ronon back then, or had discovered Lorne, or even Zelenka, John would never have gotten himself into this mess. But it turns out that McKay is pretty good in bed, and John can't quite face breaking up with him, knowing how Rodney usually reacts when things aren't going his way, so he stays with him for now. And has sex with Ronon in a manly-male fashion in the weapons locker, but that's another story.

I'm totally converted now!

Clearly John has needs. *g*

7. The Prince of Tennis musicals are mostly very, very stupid.

ROFL. You know, when I think about it, the only ones I've ever actually watched all the way through are DL1, DL2, Hyotei Winter, and DL3. And of those, the only ones I've watched parts of more than once are DL1 and DL3 (ok, DL3 I've watch about a gazillion times, have to admit). I've seen bits and pieces of the other ones, but for the most part I can't be bothered to watch them. ^^;; The backstages are pure love though, and there are scenes from some of the musicals that are totally worth watching (the whole bowling bit from the second Fudomine myu, for instance), but yeah. I'm mostly there for the pretty boys. ^.~

The occasional crack is fun. I guess I should just forward to those bits. :)

Your opinions are always good, important things unless you're on one of those nonsensical TezuOishi kicks.

1. I love your sensitive views. Even though I, in fact, did leap fully-formed from the head of Margaret Atwood. I could have sworn we talked about this once. :p

4. Hear, hear.

5. I can't wait til next year, when I can celebrate my two-years fandom experience with a big, beautiful Horio banner. (I intend to write Horio/Tomo-chan one of these days.)

6. With the exception of mine. And yours are never boring - maybe you're just not inebriated enough to enjoy what you've shared with us.

7. You love Abe. ♥

8. Does Not Compute.

9. I'm unruffled by this. Surprisingly enough.

10. Totally.

1. You should write something right now. Just sayin'.

I love getting to say I have two years Prince of Tennis experience. It's so self-deprecating! How humble I must seem.

I completely love Abe. He was wonderful. So much lovely charisma.

And someday? You will acknowledge me as your rightful overlord Tezuka/Oishi as your OTP.

1, 2, & 4 would make me jump and down and scream "yes, yes, yes" -- except that it prove to my coworkers that I am nuts.

5. I'll have to think about it...

And I would love to hear a rant about Jeffrey Spender.

Luckily for me, I no longer have co-workers. :) So it's just my partner, friends, and fandom who think I'm nuts now.

The Spender rant has been added!