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You can call me Hal.

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Drabble things.
tennis girls
Migraine, codeine, Gravol, cheese, this. Rated G through R.


"Six weeks." Midorikawa steps in close, sharp and loud like her serve. "Without tennis."

"I hope you got my flowers." Ryuzaki's heart beats faster, but she won't let it show in her face. Not to Midorikawa. Not to anyone. She lifts her chin, Midorikawa's hot breath on her mouth, and doesn't back down.

"Did you even write the card yourself?" Midorikawa's hair hangs over her shoulders, straight and heavy like the curtains on Ryuzaki's bedroom window.

"You should use this time for reflection," Ryuzaki says, carefully shaping each syllable. In ten seconds, she will walk away.

"You--" Midorikawa's eyes open wider, her nostrils flare, her mouth hardens like a stone. She moves closer, one arm cradled in the sling, the other lifting slightly, fingers spreading.

Ryuzaki flushes from head to knees, prickling with a heat she almost doesn't recognize. It weakens her knees, pulls her off-balance. Her hands want to reach, her body wants to lean, her mouth wants to touch.

It sickens her. She holds her back straight, looks Midorikawa in the eye. She counts to ten. She walks away.

That night, she stands in her bedroom, curtains drawn, wrap around her shoulders, and looks into the darkness until her mind is clear. It takes a long time.


"And then he kissed me," Tomoka says, and throws her hands up in the air. "He's such a jerk!" The bed bounces and Sakuno hugs the plush penguin in her arms a little tighter.

"What...what was it like?" she says and her cheeks get hot just asking the question. She can't imagine it, though she's often tried. She looks down at the top of the penguin's head. She's had it since she was six and it's a little threadbare now.

"Gross!" Tomoka says. "Like this." Her face darts in, her mouth presses up against Sakuno's, a little wet between her lips, gone again so fast that Sakuno just feels the aftershock.

It's not gross at all.


"I'm not that much older than you," Fuji says. "We should be friends." He smiles and brushes his thumb across Kaidoh's shoulder. Their knees bump together and Kaidoh can't think why Fuji wants to have lunch with him.

He can't think why Fuji wants to show him something in the tennis clubhouse when it's not time for practice. He can't think why Fuji would put his arms around Kaidoh's neck and look up into his face and push him back against the cubbies.

"Ready?" Fuji's tongue slides past Kaidoh's lips and his knee slips between Kaidoh's thighs and Kaidoh just can't think at all.

"Friends?" Fuji says afterwards. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes are lazy and he still has Kaidoh backed against the wall.

"Yes," Kaidoh says, dizzy and sticky and happy and confused, and wonders if Fuji does this with all his friends.


"Aaaaaaah!" Tamaki says, the light of heaven shining down upon him, the music of the jewelled night sky filling his ears, Kyouya's hand moving up and down, sweet perfection, exquisite moment, the best pure feeling ever, bright and clean and aaaaaaah!

Kyouya wipes his left hand off on his handkerchief. With his right, he punches keys on his calculator, not even looking at Tamaki.

"Do you always have to do that?" Tamaki says, because he's never got over feeling slighted, even when he's lost in bliss and rapture.

"If I don't do both activities together, I'll have to remove one from my schedule," Kyouya says. He rips the tape off the calculator and stands.

"Do you want me to..." Tamaki stretches and pulls himself back together.

"No." Kyouya leaves the room and Tamaki wonders if Kyouya ever schedules bliss and rapture for himself.


Kara blows smoke into Kat's face and laughs. "Bitch," Kat says and gives Kara a shove.

"Oh, you're starting something?" Kara shrugs out of her jacket, cigar clenched between her teeth.

"I think you started it," Kat says and shoves her again.

"Can we wait to fight?" Kara asks, leaning over Kat, staring her down, only she won't go down. "I don't want to waste the cigar."

Hotdog slams his glass onto the table, too far gone to set it lightly. "Aw, aren't we going to see some action?"

"You wish," Kat and Kara say together. Kat scowls. Kara grins.

"You wish," she says to Kat and almost regrets it when Kat knocks her cigar onto the floor.


It's Kogure who moves first, trapping Mitsui against the locker doors, arms on either side of him.

"Do you want another smack?" Mitsui says and wants to pull the words back into his mouth.

But Kogure just smiles, that gentle old-man smile that Mitsui hates himself for liking. "In a manner of speaking," he says and leans in slowly until Mitsui can't stand it anymore and grabs the back of his head.

They kiss until their mouths are swollen and their clothes are rumpled and Miyagi comes in and finds them. Mitsui pushes Kogure and sends him sprawling. He's sorry, always sorry, but he can't say it so he runs.

Kogure always finds him.


[ insert Hal/Drew Barrymore drabble here ]

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Who is Midorikawa? Someone from the past, I guess?

Fuji/Kaidoh!!!!! o.0 why do I feel like this fic will be v. good?

Let me say that again. Fuji/Kaidoh!!!!!!!


Midorikawa Ranko and Ryuzaki Reika are from Ace wo Nerae, a shoujo tennis series. The manga is from the 70s but I've only seen the recent live-action show. That's them in my icon, Midorikawa on the left and Ryuzaki on the right. I love the show, and them, so much!

I think Fuji/Kaidoh is an underappreciated pairing. They could be so fun together :) But this is just a drabble, not part of a longer story.

oohhh... I was under the shortsighted impression that the only Ryuzaki in the world was Sumire. But this series looks interesting...

and it's a pity you're stopping here!!! They really could be fun. Maybe you'll get inspired later on. ^__^

AwN is really a great show. It's so nice to watch something that focuses on the girls and doesn't have them just watching from the sidelines.

I confess, I am thinking a lot about Fuji/Kaidoh now. But I'll have to see how it fits into my WIP schedule.

MitKo. Oh yes. OH HOT DAMN YES.

Kinda love you right now. ._.

I love them so much! I'm still trying to figure out their dynamic, though.

[ insert Hal/Drew Barrymore drabble here ]


I want all of these. Tomoka/Sakuno! Ouran! MITKO. Eee.

"Yes," Kaidoh says, dizzy and sticky and happy and confused, and wonders if Fuji does this with all his friends.

And then there's the scene where Inui calls Fuji his friend, and Kaidoh goes all wide-eyed and blushy and can't understand why that bothers him so much, right? :D

They are all just drugged-up drabbles, not things from unfinished fic, alas. Or maybe un-alas, since I have way too many WIPs as it is.

Fuji/Kaidoh is my new pairing of love! Inui just makes it even more delicious.

I. Just. I. You. Gah! So so much love for the Midorikawa/Ryuzaki. God, I just. I have been pondering how I can possibly ever write Ryuzaki, and here you've captured her so brilliantly in so few words. And you've also managed to convey that sense of... I dunno, the feeling that her silences are fraught with so very much that's hinted at but never stated outright.

By the way, I am so submitting Ace wo nerae as a fandom for Yuletide this year. And I would love it if Ouran were on the list, too, but it's closing in on the five hundred stories mark at ff. net :((

Also, Sakuno, oh my. So sweet and shy and adorable and I can't help but wonder if it's the kiss from Tomo that she thinks isn't gross, or kissing in general. Either way, that is too sweet for words. And sweet Fuji/Kaidoh, too, and this is fast becoming one of my favourite pairings. And OMG the Tamaki/Kyouya!!

However, I really think it's in the Hal/Drew Barrymore drabble that your true brilliance shines through ;)

I am so in love with Ryuzaki, I can't even say. It seems like there is so much she keeps inside herself and she never wants to make herself available to anyone. I wonder how much her small reaching out to Oka was out of character for her. (I would love to see that pairing too. From what I hear, it was way more obvious in the manga and anime.)

The song that plays over the Ryuzaki vid in my head: You Wouldn't Like Me - Tegan and Sarah

I'm not going to do Yuletide this year. I wasn't supposed to do any holiday challenges, but I forgot my pact until I had already signed up for Santa Smex. (Which I'm really looking forward to.) I always get stressed out by it, sad to say. Also, I'm still disappointed that nobody wrote Okane ga Nai last year. :)

Your icon is too, too perfect. There should be lashings of Fuji/Kaidoh, giant huge stacks of it. I've been thinking a lot lately about how close they really are in age.

However, I really think it's in the Hal/Drew Barrymore drabble that your true brilliance shines through ;)

Really, I've been hoping someone will write me one. :)

And I said I'd never write RPS. :| Also, I can't believe I've spent the past half hour wondering "But is Hal in character here?" HOW WOULD I EVEN KNOW.



Drew shook her head, setting her curls and the daisies tucked behind her ear swaying. "Seltzer with a twist, please," she said, the words sibilant between teeth and lips.

When Hal returned with the drinks, she found Drew had kicked off her shoes and tucked her feet up under her. Her hands rested lightly on her knees and her eyes reflected the garden's strands of fairy lights.

Hal sipped her beer and studied Drew, thinking of the wild child she once was, with a smear of red lipstick and eternal bedhead, who would have accepted that beer, and how that would have led to jumping on desks and to shirts coming off.

Drew blushed slightly under the scrutiny and ducked her head, and the daisies began swaying again. She opened her mouth to say something but before she could, Hal drained her beer and decided to forget the Drew of old and kiss the Drew in front of her and Drew couldn't do anything but giggle, and the vibration tickled Hal's lips.

Later, when Hal got Drew up against the garden wall and got her hands in Drew's hair and the daisies all fell to the ground, she decided that there was no point dwelling on the past. After all, walls really were infinitely preferable to desks and the chemical taste of lipstick had nothing on Drew's faint hint of lemon and wildflowers.

Shirts, however, could still come off.

After Cancer!Eiji, you'll do anything. *g*

This is so much LOVE! *twirls you around in thanks* She gets me every single time. Now I owe you a drabble and a dare.

So much love for the Ouran snippet. Ahaha, Tamaki and Kyouya. Such 'tards.

They really are, aren't they? Glad you liked it!

(Deleted comment)
A very, very hot ruffian. I wish she'd blow her cigar smoke in my face.

FujiKaidoh! I love it because it seems so unfair. And because I keep making Yuuta-Kaidoh comparisons in my mind.

Unfair -- I like that description. And you're right. I think Fuji has got even more of an advantage over Kaidoh than Inui does. And the Yuuta-Kaidoh interaction has so many possibilities.

Now I want to write more about them. Hmm.

(Deleted comment)
Tomo and Sakuno are really cute together. They should just forget about the stupid boys who don't pay them any attention, at least for now.

And I'm also getting more intrigued by Fuji/Kaidoh. It could be really fun to explore. I'm glad you enjoyed these!

"Migraine, codeine, Gravol, cheese, this"

Interesting mix. And interesting results. I liked TOO MUCH the Fuji/Kaidoh bit...

The Fuji/Kaidoh is something I'll explore further, I think. I really like the way they are together. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, the tension in the first drabble is just so tangible. They have so much explosive chemistry, even when off the courts.

The Tomo/Sakuno is so sweet! And Fuji. That's a power dynamic that sort of terrifies me. Even when it's just something as innocent as kissing games. :))

Clearly, I was so drugged I forgot to reply to this. Sorry!

I would love to read some full-length Ryuzaki/Midorikawa. Because, yes, they just zing when they're together.

Also, I think there should be lots and lots of Fuji/Kaidoh. They were way hotter than I'd expected.

Heh, my favorite is the Tomoka/Sakuno :D

Thank you. :) They are just so cute together.

Azbuduh Tamaki and Kyouya. I had a sudden realisation within the last few days that I actually love them ♥ and I hearts your drabble too ♥ it does seem so really like them, ahaha~

I'm glad you liked the drabble! I kind of think Kyouya is in love with Tamaki.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, yes, I love them so much. :)

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