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It's beginning to look a lot like

I have my santa_smex assignment and it is love. I can't decide whether I should write the pairing that will make everyone know that it's me or the pairing that no one will guess. Or one of the other pairings. Or see if I can plausibly work in more than one. (I don't like "everyone is gay" but sometimes it can work.) Whee! Except I can't tell anybody about it, which I really want to do.

And I shall break my rule and paste in for you a bit of chat from a few weeks back:

kestrelsan: so, question for you, only because I've seen it mentioned a couple of times recently - are we still steadfast in our no-Yuletide or other holiday story writing rule?

prillalar: um

kestrelsan: LOL
kestrelsan: say YES

prillalar: I already signed up for a holiday thing

kestrelsan: ohhhhh

prillalar: I thought it was just Yuletide!

kestrelsan: you get no cookie

So, I have no cookie. But I get to write some smut and that has less carbs anyhow.

Message to intrepid author who drew my name: I'm really easy. The most important thing for me is that you write a story that you like and are happy with. So don't worry too much about shoehorning in any of the stuff I asked for. If the boys are in character and the story is interesting, that's all I ask. (That said, the "other sports" thing is something I really, really like.) I like things more R than NC-17 and that's about it so far as what you need to know.

I think that people sometimes shoot themselves in the foot when they are too specific in challenge requests. It's good to give some ideas about what you like as a starting place, but if someone has to write to a grocery list, they probably won't be doing their best work. If you want something that specific, you might want to write it for yourself.
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