Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

New brain.

Today I am wiping the drive on my desktop computer and re-installling everything. I really need to do it, to clean out the cruft of several years and to split things into two nice new accounts, one for work and one for play. That will keep me from sneaking peeks at LJ while I'm doing client work. And I hope to catch up on comments on my laptop while I wait for things to install.

I'm in the backup stage right now. I'm a backup freak. I have my regular nightly Retrospect backup of my user directory and a few other folders, I'll do a CarbonCopyCloner diskimage of the whole computer next, and I've done plain file-copying of my user dir. Sadly, my new firewire drive will not be here for a few weeks, so I've had to juggle things around between other drives that are almost full and a computer with nice empty drives that I have to access over the network because it doesn't support target firewire mode. Gah. I also backed up all my iTunes music yesterday -- 6 DVDs!

My normal backup routine is a nightly backup (using Retrospect) to a firewire drive. I have two, so I alternate nights. I make a full disk image before doing any maintenance work as well. But I don't have an offsite backup and that makes me nervous.

I can't think of how to easily implement that. When I was working at the agency, I had two drives and I would take them home with me. But there's no other place for me to take my drives now.

The only thing that seems plausible is to get a couple of small (in size, not disk space) drives and rent a safe deposit box. The bank is just across the street. But do you have to get a bank person to take you in every time you want to use the box? That could be a pain if I do it every week.

Do you have any suggestions for me? And what's your backup procedure?
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