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You can call me Hal.

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Why won't you love me?
I can't imagine why I thought that I would have time to catch up on comments today and plot out a story all while reinstalling the OS on two computers. We're down to file-copying now, which will take hours over the network, and I'm lying here cursing because I had to delete my Kamen Rider Kabuto episodes off the laptop to make room to back up more stuff. Well, maybe not cursing. More lying here thinking, I wish I had some Kamer Rider Kabuto. Actually, it's on a fileserver, but I don't want to slow down the network right now.

Anyhow, one of the computers I was wiping the personality of was my sweet old Bondi Blue iMac, which I got very soon after they came out. I checked over the hard drive first and pulled a few things off of it, one of which was the staff-made video for Bree Sharp's David Duchovny, the one with all the celebrity cameos. (My favourite is Sarah Michelle.) I was all excited about uploading it for you and then I thought, D'oh! It's got to be on YouTube, And so it is. The video quality is bad, but it's better than the copies I have: David Duchovny. Let's all sing along!

Other things I turned up:

* a cap of Scully, Mulder, and Skinner in bubble baths from Hollywood AD.

* a picture of Ranger Gord. I think Red is trying to get him to guess the word.

* two BCTEL commercials (from the days when there was a BCTEL) that feature Brendan Beiser, who was Pendrell, one of the many dead redheads on The X-Files. Damn, but he was cute. Here they are if you want them, zipped to prevent repeated bandwith suck. Download (28 MB). They're ripped from VHS and are sized for back then when we were all on dial-up. But they are still cute. There's boytouching in one of them and it looks kind of like he licks the phone.

In other news, I feel like travelling. But I have no money and nowhere to go. Maybe a walk to the pub will make me feel more cosmopolitan.

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I loved "Hollywood AD". Duchovny had been sniffing crack while reading the fanfic, and then he wrote that episode. I loved Pendrell. And I love Red Green and am deeply unhappy that my local PBS station is foisting Monty Python or Fawlty Towers on me at eleven p.m. on Saturdays instead of my beloved Red Green. *sniff*

I loved the eps that Duchovny wrote. I always wished that they had got him to stay on and write more even if his character wasn't on the show a lot.

My unfinished Harold/Ranger Gord slash: http://prillalar.livejournal.com/95990.html

I wish I'd completed it but some things just aren't meant to be.

Ranger Gord! I'll go up in your watchtower anytime. :D

He's the hottest thing in the forest.

Red Green! Now I want to watch some, but there's none on.

That's just one of the many advantages to living in Canada. It's required by law that at least one episode of Red Green and Kids in the Hall be broadcast every day.

I never saw the entire Bree Sharp video! I was still on the school Internet back then and only was able to download the part with all the cast members - not all the other celebs.


Yeah, I love it so much. I think I've watched it five times today.

I can't decide if I'd rather have him or Harold for my boyfriend.

PENDRELL! Dude, he showed up in a season 2 SGA episode. It was AWESOME, and the fact that he played a total dickwad made it even awesomer.

That must have been after I stopped watching. I suppose I should get that one ep, just to see him.

That David Duchovny vid just made my night. Thank you!

You're very welcome. I'm still humming the song now.

I had completely forgotten about the Brendan Beiser commercials! I wonder what he's doing now, and what he would think if he knew people were still watching him lick the phone.

Thanks for this little trip down the X-Files memory lane. :)

I went to the imdb to check him out and it looks like he'll be on this week's SG-1 ep! Good timing. :)

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