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Resistance is futile.
I'm not sure if SciFi won't let me see the BSG webisodes because I'm on a Mac or because I'm in Canada. I've got the latest Flash installed and I even allowed pop-ups just in case. I get the player and a message that the video will start after an advertisement but nothing else appears. No amount of cursing clicking makes any difference. Anyone had better luck?

eta: I have obtained the episode through the kind assistance of apollo_bsg03! I assume, from what people have said, it won't play for me because I'm not in the US.

eta2: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So damn shiny. (I didn't watch the S3 preview though, because I am spoiler-avoidant.)

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P. and I watched on his Mac this morning. I don't have his stats, but I can get them this evening if you haven't had any luck by then. Try Safari?

I have tried: Safari, Firefox, and Opera. I bet it's geographical.

Why would they do that, though?

Rights issues, maybe? I've seen that a lot on TV channel websites.

Gah, that would *suck*. I'm glad you've found other means to get at the stuff, but...meh.

I adore that icon, BTW.

I love Rose like that. :)

Completely off-topic and I don't know why I'm not emailing you this qustion, but we're chatting here now, so...

Suppose I were actually cooking something for a change and I found a chicken casserole recipe that had a sour cream sauce and I stared at it and thought, That really needs some mushrooms, and I cut the mushrooms into biggish chunks and tossed them in with the chicken, would they release so much moisture during the 2 hours of baking that they would make the sauce soupy? Should I sautee them first? We like mushrooms here, so I would probably add more rather than less.

I think you're likely to be happier if you sauté the mushrooms first -- that's the best way to add their flavor to the sauce. For a sour cream-based recipe, I'd saute in a tiny amount of butter. You don't need much if you keep the heat low. I'd say no more than 5 minutes over med-low heat should do it; you don't need to cook them all the way through, as they'll keep cooking in the sauce.

Thanks! I will give that a try.

Re: here is a download link for the first webisode

Thank you SO much!

ingridmatthews has it embedded in an lj post, and also a post with download links and codecs...

October can't come soon enough.

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