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You can call me Hal.

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Maybe it's the caffeine talking but...
I am in the best mood ever. Things that are making me happy:

* freelance opportunities in the offing (though if everything comes through, I will be BUSY)

* having time in my day to go to the public library, check out books, and walk home

* coffee

* coffee with the Boy, who is just as much as a fangeek as I am, maybe more

* a new Kamen Rider Kabuto episode, just waiting to be watched

* Monday Night TV w/ D (presuming he shows up)

* cheese

* sunny, sunny days

* Prince of Tennis, still my true love after all this time

* fanfic that is taking shape, even if it is going to take a long time to write and edit

* good friends with cool brains

* all you guys out there

* pretty much every damn thing

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*curls around your legs*

You had a good Monday! Mine sucked balls, but I've had almost enough coffee this evening to make it not matter.

Ooh, fanfic taking shape. Yatta.

I'm trying to write something with half a plot and some attention to detail. It turns out that this is work. Quel dommage!

(Deleted comment)

Re: hooray for CHEESE!

Luckily for me, it only makes me a bit irritible. And it turns out that not being in the office with stupid people completely cancels out that effect, so yay caffeine! And cheese!

Also, I want to kiss your icon.

*tackleglomp from distance* The Goddess has had a good day! We must celebrate.

In a completely unrelated vein, why are there so little Japanese people in Montreal?

Hee! I want everybody to have a good day too.

The other day, I was thinking about moving back to Saskatoon and then I thought, "I bet I'd only hear people speaking English on the bus there. How boring."

Odds are, you're either going to hear Ukrainian or Chinese. ... Montreal is overwhelmingly French. With the odd bit of Cantonese if you're on Orange around certain stations.

France accent vs Quebec accent?

Most of these things make me happy too. So do your lj tags - the migraine pixies and cat pictures etc.

I love all the crazy LJ tags people use. They're like bumper stickers or something!

*loves on you randomly and insanely* Happy is good. Happy is good even when severely caffeinated. In fact, caffeinated happy is usually the best kind, though I'm willing to concede to an alcohol-induced one. ♥

*loves back and twirls you around* I like the caffeinated kind better because these days I only have to sniff an empty beer bottle to get hungover. Le sigh.

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