Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Maybe it's the caffeine talking but...

I am in the best mood ever. Things that are making me happy:

* freelance opportunities in the offing (though if everything comes through, I will be BUSY)

* having time in my day to go to the public library, check out books, and walk home

* coffee

* coffee with the Boy, who is just as much as a fangeek as I am, maybe more

* a new Kamen Rider Kabuto episode, just waiting to be watched

* Monday Night TV w/ D (presuming he shows up)

* cheese

* sunny, sunny days

* Prince of Tennis, still my true love after all this time

* fanfic that is taking shape, even if it is going to take a long time to write and edit

* good friends with cool brains

* all you guys out there

* pretty much every damn thing
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