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You can call me Hal.

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Ryoma and the big What If?
I gathered these links for a comment and thought I might as well flip them here too. These are the Ryoma Schools AU stories from earlier this year:

Victory Road by trinityhelix. Ryoma at Fudomine.

Champions by assyrian. Ryoma at Rikkai.

Firestarter by storyteller. Ryoma at Yamabuki.

King by, well, me, prillalar. Ryoma at Hyotei.

I would love to see some more of these. I nagged lysapadin a bit about doing St Rudolph. (Come on, you know you want to!) And I really want to see Ryoma at Rokkaku. I think he'd fit in really well there.

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...damn it, I thought I'd strangled that bunny.

-_-;;; After I finishe the Pirate AU. One giant crack bunny of doom at a time.

...damn it, I thought I'd strangled that bunny.

I guess you never heard of...Bunnicula! It's going to take more than a simple strangling to get rid of this one.

*uses darling Yuuta icon to entice you further*

Darn you for knowing my weaknesses so well.

Ryoma at Rokkaku would be adorable!! Do ya think he'd end up as buchou instead? :))

I don't think he'd be buchou, but he and Kentarou would start up an adorable tennis rivalry which would cause them to basically ignore everything else. The other team members would gently help them along. Oji would make Ryoma an awesome racquet. They are just all one big happy family.

Oh, how exciting! :D I'll have to set some time to read these. ♥ Hee.

I'd love to write Ryoma at Jyousei just to put him up against Hanamura. He'd just ignore every single thing she told him. And then Wakato would play him using Nanjiroh's style, and Ryoma, furious, would thrash him. XD It'd be awesome.

Someone definitely has to write Ryoma at St. Rudolph and Rokkaku. I'd love to see him at Higa too. The possibiltiies are endless! :))

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