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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
It is entirely possible for a Sim to spend all her time drinking coffee and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. It is entirely possible for a person to spend all her time making the Sim do so.

Dear god, somebody stop me.

(Oddly, 200 Sim!Cheese sandwiches later and I have never craved a real one.)

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Do Sims ever put on weight?

They do. She is very pudgy now. But having reached her lifetime goal of eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches, I can start getting her to work out and eat better now. If I were going to play anymore this weekend, of course. Which I'm not. Probably.

*snickers* That's got to be one happy Sim, pudgy or not. (Heck, the pudgy ones are probably a whopping size 14, leave her be. ;))

I'd be craving grilled cheese, but I've been making tuna melts lately. Mmm, tuna melt. I should start a food blog now that I have to cook for myself all the time.

She is pretty cute like that. We'll see how it goes. :)

I had some yummy tuna muffins last night. Maybe I'll post about those later. I could do a whole blog just about tuna, really.

The female sims are very cute when they're fat. They get that honky tonk badonk-a-donk. They don't live as long then, though. :(

Cleverly, I have aging turned off. :) I'm trying to do a fandom project with the kids, so I need to engineer stuff. But I got very distracted by the grilled cheese.

Ah, natch. I just play the game straight, so I don't use any of the cheats and hacks except to get them pregnant in amusing ways. :D

Tuna muffins? Also, mm, tuna blog. I'd read that! Hey, nectarines is a deleted journal, so a rename token would snap it right up. ;) Also there is tunafreaks which seems to be defunct but has some recipes.

(I love the internet, and I love Livejournal. It doesn't matter how off the wall, you're never the only one.)

Suddenly I want fish roe spaghetti. I should look up a recipe to make it from scratch instead of trying to find the mix at the J-grocery, probably.

I'll just do my tuna blogging here; too much hassle to get a new LJ. I suppose it's not the worst thing to be addicted to, except for all the mercury killing my braincells.

I will shortly be reading Jenkins' chapter on The Sims. I'll let you know what he says. (:

Man, I really need to get a version of the Sims that is not 1.0, with no expansions whatsoever.

No, you really, really don't. God, the only reason I'm not still playing is that the game is installed on my partner's computer (we like to play in the same neighbourhoods) and he's home for lunch.

No. You don't. Once I got into a mood and played for three days straight, not answering email, barely eating, and I didn't notice that my cell phone battery ran down.

MY BEST FRIEND THOUGHT I WAS DEAD. She came by the house to see if I was all collapsed on the floor and oozing!

Oh, sure, I have entered the Sims Fugue before (once I went for like ten hours without eating anything and at the end of it made the stupid decision to have Veronica Mars marry Wallace Fennell, WHAT WAS I THINKING, now I have to rearrange all my little household schedules AND make him fulfill his career path or whatever and add on a new bedroom), but I don't think it will be any worse with 2.0. I don't need help to become semi-comatose and hunched over my computer!


It is very, very, very fun. I *never* played children in the original sims because they were so boring; all they did was go to school, and they never grew up. Now I'm working on my fifth generation of human-alien hybrids. If you don't have kids, the game ends, see... Also, killing them off is a lot more fun now. :D

And the smaller challenge of University is a good time, though it can get kind of tedious when you have a bunch of kids in a row. (One of my sims has the lifetime goal of marrying off six kids, and man, I'm putting them through college two at a time, but after the first three, I'm exhausted. That's a LOT of rug rats.)

(Oddly, 200 Sim!Cheese sandwiches later and I have never craved a real one.

You are a very very very strange person. See, I'm craving the cheese sandwich now.

I guess I'm just a carrier.

*Snorfle* OMG what a marvellous concept !


It's just way too addicting. I'll have to go cold turkey for a while.

(Deleted comment)
I've had lots of grilled cheese in my life and they are really tasty. :) I just find it weird that I can watch the Sim eat so many of them and not want to jump up and make one myself.

(Deleted comment)
I mostly have tuna on the brain these days. Of course, a tuna melt is kind of like a grilled cheese.

Hmmm. Does the Sim gain weight? If not, that's NOT FAIR.

Oh, she's rather pudgy now. It's kind of cute, acutally. But there's a limit to how pudgy they can get; it's not really represntative of what would really happen if you ate 12+ cheese sandwiches a day.

Yeah. Sigh. And one of my favorite comfort food combos is a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Velveeta cheese and Campbell's tomato. But never never dipping sandwich into soup. Yuck, shudder, gross.

And I know better than to eat that kind of thing more than once every three months. Sigh.

Dammit. Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich.

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