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Prince of Tennis Fic by Halrloprillalar / prillalar

Index of all my Prince of Tennis fanfiction, by pairing. Updated as events warrant. Share and enjoy. :)


3.1415926535 Short Stories about Inui Sadaharu
Inui/Kaidoh, Inui/Yanagi, Inui/Tezuka, PG13, 314 words.

InuKai, 8100 words, rated for sexual content
Inui wonders why.

According To
InuKai, 400 words, PG.
Inui had a plan.

Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
InuKai, PG, 3900 words.
Inui buys Kaidoh a pet.

anything you want
InuKai, 400 words, NC17.
No plot, just sex. Sorry about that. Or not.

Inui/Kaidoh, G, 1200 words
Keep your eye on the ball.

InuKai, PG13, 950 words.

Come And Sit By My Side If You Love Me
InuKai, PG, 1000 words.
Kaidoh never sits next to Inui.

Cut and Colour
InuKai, Inui/Yanagi. PG13, 2500 words.
They could have been together all those years and it would feel just the same.

D is for Date
InuKai, PG13, 900 words.
Dinner and dessert.

The Dogs and the Bees
Inui/Kaidoh, G, 4200 words
It's not a date.

Drabble Collection
InuKai x 3.

Early One Morning
InuKai, 500 words, G.
Just as the sun was rising...

InuKai, PG, 850 words.
Post-ep for 167. Kaidoh did his best.

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail
Inui/Kaidoh, PG, 4400 words.
In which Kaidoh tries to make Inui fall in love with him. And says "fuck" a lot.

InuKai, 1300 words, G.
How things fit together.

InuKai, 1900 words, G.
Kaidoh calls and so Inui plays.

Prince of Tennis Chinese Drama (Wang Qiu Wang Zi), Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang, Guo Guang/Hai Tang, R, 2300 words.
Every story has two sides. Every triangle has three.

Good for the Soul
InuKai, PG, 5400 words.
Kaidoh doesn't like ghosts. That doesn't seem to matter.

Hal's Fluffy InuKai Story
InuKai, PG, 790 words.
Fluffy InuKai. By Hal.

InuKai, 600 words, PG.
Inui can't help himself.

Hit and Miss
InuKai, 300 words, G.
Six weeks since Inui called him.

In the Lurch
Inui/Kaidoh, 5300 words, G.
In which Inui confesses his love to Kaidoh. Or tries to, anyhow.

In Your Shoes
InuKai, PG, 360 words.
Why does Kaidoh wear no socks?

Kaidoh, Boys, and Blanket Forts
InuKai, MomoKai, Fuji/Kaidoh, Ryoma/Kaidoh, 300 words, G.
Four ways it could be.

A Lick and a Promise
InuKai, 3000 words, G.
Things get weird. Inui tries to work out why.

Chinese Drama, Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang, 200 words, G.
Hai Tang is special.

InuKai, PG, 900 words.
If only Kaidoh weren't so lame.

Inui/Kaidoh, PG13, 1900 words.
Kaidoh is jumpy.

InuiKai, PG, 650 words.
A cold day.

InuKai, G, 790 words.
Fluff. And pencils.

Power Nap
InuKai, 800 words, PG
Three hours til curfew.

Pussycat, Pussycat
InuKai, 2200 words, PG13.
In which Kaidoh is the object of unwanted attentions and there is conversation about cats.

Say "Arr!"
InuKai, PG13, 2700 words.
Inui is weird. Kaidoh likes him anyway.

Sitting On A Log
InuKai, PG13, 1100 words.
Inui, Kaidoh, moon, and stars.

Show Your Work
InuKai, 4500 words, G.
No reward without effort. No belief without proof. No science without hamsters.

Space, Time, Telephone
Inui/Kaidoh, G, 5000 words.
In which the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies do not collide. Also, Inui makes some phone calls.

Spit and Polish
InuKai, PG13, 1700 words.
Everyone has their little quirks.

InuKai, G, 435 words.
Inui imagines.

Study Habits
InuKai, PG13, 3400 words.
You can learn a lot when you're studying.

Symbols and Shortcuts
InuKai, PG, 1400 words.
Post-Nationals. The meaning of things.

InuKai, PG13, 1100 words.
Kaidoh does what Kaidoh does best.

Thriller Night
InuKai, PG13, 1500 words.
Inui has a plan. A plan involving...movies.

Time Management Theory
InuKai, R, 1600 words.
Preparing for Nationals takes time. And that time's got to come from somewhere.

Time Travel for Beginners
InuKai, PG-13, 3800 words
Inui needs a favour.

Trivial Pursuit
InuKai, G, 1400 words.
Inui is a young man of information.

InuKai, PG-13, 1300 words.
Kaidoh wants to kiss. Inui wants to play.

Untitled Drabble
InuKai, PG-13, 100 words.

InuKai, PG, 450 words.
Pre-Nationals. Inui watches.

Inui, Kaidoh, Momoshiro, 330 words, PG13.
Kaidoh's birthday.

With Great Power
InuKaI, PG-13, 2100 words.
Inui waits for Kaidoh to gain his special tennis power. And to stop standing him up on dates.

Yo Quiero Kaidoh Kaoru
InuKai, PG13, 1400 words.
Kaidoh likes animals.


Home and Dry
TezuRyo, G.

Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street
TezuRyo, G.
A Tenipuri Sims comic.

Not the Triumph
TezuRyo, R, 1700 words.
Beijing 2008. Tezuka's last chance.

TezuRyo, G, 150 words.
Ryoma's birthday.

TezuRyo. PG-13, 300 words.
People are starting to talk.

Tezuka/Ryoma, G, 2000 words.
Ryoma, after Nationals.

TezuRyo. PG13. 1900 words.
Tezuka. Ryoma. Bench. Adolescence.


14 forever
MomoKai, PG, 160 words.
Summer, kissing.

90% Perspiration
MomoKai, PG13, 2400 words.
Kaidoh does Momo a favour.

MomoKai, PG-13, 2000 words.
In which Momo is dumb, Kaidoh is cranky, and the internet is not helpful.

Absence Makes The Heart
MomoKai, R, 3000 words.
Momo can't wait.

And Back
MomoKai, sort of Akutsu/Kaidoh, PG-13, 800 words.
Kaidoh has better things to do.

Animal Magnetism
Momo/Kaidoh, 2200 words, PG.
In which Momoshiro is good and noble and cool and true.

MomoKai, PG13, 900 words.
The course of true love never did run smooth.

Eye of the Beholder
MomoKai, PG13, 1400 words.
Momoshiro discovers a kink he never knew he had.

A Few Words About Momoshiro
Momo, Kaidoh, Ryoma, G, 470 words.
Not quite a story, but close enough for government work.

I Am The Walrus - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Omake
MomoKai, PG13, 9500 words.
How to succeed at doubles.

Journeys End
MomoKai, NC17, 1300 words.
Futurefic. Some things are never over.

Kaidoh, Boys, and Blanket Forts
InuKai, MomoKai, Fuji/Kaidoh, Ryoma/Kaidoh, 300 words, G.
Four ways it could be.

Kaidoh Kaoru and the Dread Pirate Momo-chan
MomoKai-ish, PG-13, 1100 words.
A bedtime story.

Mean-Eyed Cat
Momo/Kaidoh, PG13, 1800 words.
Priorities and protein.

Momoshiro's Guide to Teen Romance: A Story
MomoKai, R, 8000 words.
Horio has a crush, Eiji has a girlfriend, and Momo has a problem.

MomoKai, PG13, 600 words.
Past, future, karaoke.

My Inspiration
MomoKai, G.
Doujinshi. Doubles at Nationals.

MomoKai, R, 600 words.

The Snake, the Slug, the Frog, and the Racquet
MomoKai, PG, 9000 words.
Nationals is over. The real contest is just beginning.

Somebody Else's Hand
MomoKai, R, 5400 words.
Momoshiro, Kaidoh, broken chalk, sexual gratification.

Sun Gets In Your Eyes
Momo/Kaidoh, R, 1300 words.
After Momo's shuffle match, the inevitable missing scene.

Untitled MomoKai Snippet
Messing around.

We're Havin' a Heat Wave
MomoKai, R, 1600 words.
Bickering and fooling around.

Inui, Kaidoh, Momoshiro, 330 words, PG13.
Kaidoh's birthday.


3.1415926535 Short Stories about Inui Sadaharu
Inui/Kaidoh, Inui/Yanagi, Inui/Tezuka, PG13, 314 words.

Cut and Colour
InuKai, Inui/Yanagi. PG13, 2500 words.
They could have been together all those years and it would feel just the same.

else {
Inui/Yanagi, PG, 670 words.
4 years, 2 months, and 15 days.

Full Dress
Inui/Yanagi, PG, 700 words.
Brilliant dating plans.

If The Buses Are On Time
Inui/Yanagi, R, 1300 words.
A difference in strategy.

The One Where Inui & Yanagi Move In Together
Data Pair, PG.
A Tenipuri South Park comic.

Inui/Yanagi, 1000 words, PG13.
Future fic. The next stage.


Oishi/Tezuka, 350 words, G.
What do you see?

Lock Up
Oishi/Tezuka, R, 500 words.
The usual clubhouse sex.

No Matter What
Oishi/Tezuka, R, 1600 words.
What friends do.

Oishi/Tezuka, G, 1100 words.
Chocolate and confusion.

Oishi/Tezuka, 650 words.
What's important.


3.1415926535 Short Stories about Inui Sadaharu
Inui/Kaidoh, Inui/Yanagi, Inui/Tezuka, PG13, 314 words.

C as in Cookie
Inui/Tezuka, 3500 words, PG.
Inui can't resist a mystery.

A Little Knowledge
Inui/Tezuka, barely R, 6100 words.
Inui experiences some technical difficulties.

Made To Be Broken
Inui/Tezuka, PG, 3500 words.
Inui sees Tezuka acting strangely.

InuTez, PG-13, 400 words.
Be careful what you ask for.

InuTez, 740 words, PG-13
Inui welcomes Tezuka back.

Inui/Tezuka, R, 750 words
Coffee & tea.

InuTez, PG, 1000 words.
Tezuka unwinds.


Kaidoh, Boys, and Blanket Forts
InuKai, MomoKai, Fuji/Kaidoh, Ryoma/Kaidoh, 300 words, G.
Four ways it could be.

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs
Fuji/Kaidoh, PG13, 2000 words.
Syusuke always had to put the sky in first.

Point C
Fuji/Kaidoh, R, 800 words.
Fuji didn't mean for it to happen.

Fuji/Kaidoh, PG, 300 words.


Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
Tezuka/Atobe, PG13, 1000 words.
What Atobe wants...

Immovable Object, Irresistible Force
Atobe/Tezuka, R, 3000 words.
Kyuushuu. It's all in Tezuka's head.

Imperfect Match
Atobe/Tezuka, PG-13, 3000 words.
Nationals and other things.


Delayed Development
Inui/Fuji, R, 5300 words.
Pornography, photography, and Rafael Nadal.

Too Many Cooks
Inui/Fuji, R, 300 words.
The arrangement.

Why Not?
Inui/Fuji, PG13, 175 words.


Cigarettes & Alcohol
Kawamura/Akutsu, PG, 1600 words.
Peer pressure.

Home and Dry
Akutsu/Kawamura, G.


The Forever Love of Oishi and Eiji: A Tragedy in Three Acts
Golden Pair, PG13, 2100 words.
A short play.

Obsession for Men
Oishi/Eiji, 1300 words, PG.

Simple Gifts (Special Golden Power Remix x 5)
Oishi/Eiji, R, 5200 words.
5 ways with Oishi, Eiji, and presents.

Oishi/Eiji, R, 1100 words.
Club room, boysex, what more do you want from me?

Other Pairings, Drabbles, and Gen

1 A.M.
Sanada/Atobe, 1000 words, R.
PWP. Future-ish. Sanada's head hurts.

Oishi/Shishido, PG, 550 words.
Body Shop.

Atobe + Ryoma
Atobe/Ryoma, PG, 400 words.
Crack, really.

Big in Japan
Atobe/Ryoma, R, 5500 words
Being a pro isn't all fun and games.

The Brown (or Common) Rat
Yanagi/Kirihara, R, 1000 words
Care and feeding of.

Inui/Momo, PG13, 400 words.
Memegen result: Inui x Momoshiro, at the temple, because they both needed comfort.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes OR Dustorio
Horio/Tezuka, G, 4500 words
Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom called Seigaku...

InuKai, Atobe/Momo, Momo/Eiji, Inui/Fuji.

Tomoka/Sakuno, Fuji/Kaidoh.

Shiba/Kawamura, R, 800 words.
PWP. I was drunk.

Ryoma/Kaidoh, NC-17, 800 words.
Echizen wants one thing.

Follow Through
Kaidoh/Ryoma, 3600 words, G.
Even Echizen needs a little help from time to time.

How Do You Get Down From An Elephant?
Atobe/Momo, PG13, 6300 words
Dating is a game and Momo is definitely going to win.

Inui the Spy: A Story in Rhyme (and Dubious Taste)
Inui and friends, 490 words, R.

Kaidoh, Boys, and Blanket Forts
InuKai, MomoKai, Fuji/Kaidoh, Ryoma/Kaidoh, 300 words, G.
Four ways it could be.

Ryoma, Atobe, Tezuka. 2200 words. G.
What if things were different?

Momoshiro Takeshi and the Seigaku Tennis Club
Various and sundry pairings, PG, 2200 words.
People are behaving oddly and Momo can't figure out why.

On Horio Satoshi
A poem.

Prom Night Is Forever
Various and sundry pairings, PG13, 4700 words.
Seigaku tennis prom. ♥

Tezuka, Ryoma, Fuji, 160 words, G.

Untitled Drabble
Chinese Drama, Guo Guang/Hai Tang, 100 words, G.
Just once.

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