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You can call me Hal.

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Music plea: Gowan
I have ordered the relevant CD, but it won't arrive for a while. (Why no Gowan, iTunes? Why?) Does anybody have an mp3 of Gowan's Awake the Giant they could shoot my way? I need it for a fic playlist.

And while we're on the subject, my god, Larry Gowan. The first musician that moved me. (Unless we count Donny Osmond.) A lot of it was due to the video for that song. I remember coming home from school to watch Video Hits and seeing him, just so my god sexy, and hardly understanding the way he made me feel. I think I'm still in love with him.

eta: Thanks, garlandgraves! Oh, I'm in junior high heaven now.

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Heh. I'm in that video. I'm the yellow blob to the left of the crowd in the very last shot. LOL

Oh, that's awesome! If I ever get to see it again, I'll look for you.

You may need a magnifying glass. LOL!

You are just so cool, first for helping me out and second for having the song in the first place. *loves* I think I owe you at least two favours now. :)

Confession: I was surprised to find I had the song, and only vaguely remembered having heard it before. So the love is undeserved :| The favors, however, I will hoard until a later date :)

Is this an InuKai song? It sounds like an InuKai song.

Well, you're still cool. :)

Not, not IK. It's more a mood song for the story than a pairing song. And it's a bit over the top for that, but once I got Gowan in my head, I could not get him out. Which happens.

Gowan!!! He was one of the first live concerts I ever saw! When I was maybe 14 or 15?

I grew up only being able to watch Canadian tv (I'm just over the border in the county outside Bellingham) because there was no cable yet, and we couldn't get Seattle channels. My first exposure to music videos was Good Rockin' Tonight with Terry David Mulligan. Do you remember the video for Criminal Mind??? Holy shit, I *loved* that when I was in junior high.

Some friends (who were a couple years older than me and could drive) and I were pretty into Gowan, and we got tickets to go see him sometime during my freshman year of high school, in Vancouver, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, I think? I honestly don't remember much about the show, but I think I still have the t-shirt somewhere.

I have a couple of his albums on vinyl, but nothing on cd that I could share. Damn, though. Now I want to go listen to him! :)

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