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To Do: Fangirl
inukai river
So, all the stuff I was planning to:
* write
* estimate (for contract projects)
* cook
* clean
* read
* post
today? Forget it. The torrents for the next two Prince of Tennis OVAs just dropped: Six and Seven.

I hope they are awesome but not as awesome as Episode Five because I'm not sure I can take another day of that level of flailing. I think I lost five years of my life from that. (Though I in no way regret it!)

I guess I can at least shower while they download.

eta: Am out of shower. Downloads not finished. Will fill in extra time by weeping and pacing.

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Yep. I have been willing mine to go faster. :D 26 mins on 7, 43m on 6.

sdhsgddjfhdfdsj YES. KITE VS TEZUKA ANIMATED. *___________*


Wait until you see episode 7. Just. O_o

Don't know whether to be completely in love with it or to be terrified of it! =P

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