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You can call me Hal.

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Tenipuri OVAs
tezuryo beach
More later, but for now:

1. GIP

2. Oh, Inui. ♥

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*gnashes teeth*

They won't download onto my 'puter. Waaaaaaaaaah. ;_;

Do you want me to try uploading it to Sendspace for you?

YOUR ICON YOUR ICON. *points and flails wildly* Why won't it download fasterrr???

*sends you speedy vibes* These were good TezuRyo eps, I must say. ♥

1. I still can't wrap my head around the merging of the two canons, but that shot is gorgeous.

2. ... Did he??

It was ... more ... than I was expecting. I took a good cap. *g* Probably more icons later in the day.

Please tell me I shouldn't be worried regarding #2. I didn't like that scene at all in the manga and. Please tell me I shouldn't be worried.

I really can't say. I was better with it in the anime than the manga, but I'm not sure how you'll react. If it makes you upset, just go watch 5 again afterwards. :)

ACK ACK now I want to watch even more than before! I must find time. I really, really must.

Did we see more skin of Inui than we ever did before? XD

Oh, yes. A lot more skin. He's not Kaidoh, but dear god, he's still quite visually appealing. :D

yes yes yes yes YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!

Yes, and yes, and yes some more!

I can't watch it til tomorrow, but I'm quite excited by the prospect.

Dear Inui,

Thank you.

p.s. Sorry about that whole sardine thing, but them's the breaks.

Oishi was so pretty in these eps. But not as pretty as Ryuzaki.

FISH IN PANTS. Can the world get any better.

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