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I'm having crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, sardines, crack, crack, crack and crack.

PoT OVAs 6 & 7. Not quite so much flail as OVA 5, but still plenty to go around. I stayed off of chat this time, to which I attribute my lack of a migraine, but got in lots of squee and capslock via LJ. Spoilers, obviously, flail, thoughts, much TezuRyo loooooove and Inui, sweet, adorkable Inui.

Downloads: I ended up uploading the eps to Sendspace, so if you need them, here they are: Episode 6 & Episode 7.

Screencaps: takewing has a good cap post up. If I see any more, I'll link them too.

Icons: I'm just showing these off; please do not take them for your own use. There would have been more, but even after deleting old icons, I still ran out of space.

And, of course:

TezuRyo: Wow, was there some sweet interaction. I'm so glad they did the pillar conversation. And Fuji there. There is something so goddamn sparky when they are all together like that. I keep thinking of the manga issue where Fuji and Ryoma were playing each other and Tezuka was the chair ref. *swallows*

And with the beach volleyball -- I guess that's the closest we're ever going to get to seeing Tezuka-Ryoma doubles. So, the question is: why does Ryoma suck at beach volleyball when we have seen him playing beach volleyball and ruling the court? Is he just all flustered by being teamed with buchou? I guess that's the best answer, but I really can't believe that would fluster him. Not in a sports situation. So while that was funny, it irked me.

Their lovely conversation at the end whilst victims of the Silver Seat was somehow the sweetest thing in the world.

Inui: Well, now we know he waxes.

Also: will he ever be able to go out in public again without people greeting him with, "Is that a sardine in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

Oh baby. I was kind of distressed by the bare-ass moment in the manga but somehow, even though this was much more extreme, it didn't bother me as much. I think because there was just so much crack, I couldn't take it at all seriously. And he was drawn much prettier than in that manga ish. And his total insanity was so endearing. As was Tezuka's shiny glasses as he stared at Inui's, um, area. Perhaps pounding Tezuka through the mattress later on will help Inui recover his dignity.

Other stuff: Ryuzaki rules the universe. I hope when I'm her age I'm just like that. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Bah to no Rikkai dialogue! I got all excited and it never came.

Oishi was just so pretty. He's always pretty, but he was extra-pretty.

All that beach time and no Kaidoh fanservice. I guess that's greedy of me after last time, but it's Kaidoh, dammit. I'm greedy!

Oh, I almost forgot. Tezuka played Kite. He won.
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