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You can call me Hal.

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I love you, Apple Computer.
So, I was looking through the International Preferences Pane to see what I needed to switch on to view and type Arial Hebrew for reasons I won't go into here. There's a list of languages that you can choose from for application menus, etc, and the language names are all in the language itself, so "English", "Svenska", "日本語", etc. I went into the edit area to see what other languages were there and as I scrolled through, what did I see but:

tlhIngan Hol

I want to hug whoever did that.

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That is way awesome.

I sold my Klingon dictionary a while back, since I finally decided I'd never have anyone to practice with. (Which is a pity, since aside from all my other language interests, I always wanted to have a nearly-private language to share with someone, and Klingon would have been a great choice for that. I still want to learn ASL with some friends for the "across a crowded/noisy room" factor, though.)

In the clutter around my desk, I have a number of dictionaries: Greek, Latin, French, Japanese, and Klingon. You never know when you might need it!


my husband is an application engineer for apple and all I gotta say is, the whole company is composed of ENORMOUS GEEKS. i sometimes eat lunch with him (his ofc is down the block from mine) and i have listened to enormous in-depth arguments about video games, sf, and assorted other geekery. (the most entertaining one was an argument about dim sum and the chinese mafia.)

That sounds like way too much fun!

I had to read the comments already posted by others in order to 'get' it, but now that I do, I am giggling my ass off. It reminds me of this one time I had a job interview for the box office at a traditional theatre that often hosts musicals, plays, etc. Upon being asked about my ability to use computer software I had said that so long as it wasn't in Klingon I should be able to figure things out easily enough. XD

My Klingon is limited, but it's so much fun to pronounce. :)

Your anonymous stalker-y link of the day:


Is it good or bad? Mwhaha, find out yourself. Click already.

Aw, nifty! Though now I am filled with guilt over not updating my site regularly. *g*

Aw, don't feel bad. All of us love you, no matter when you update.

Mousie, logging out.

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