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You can call me Hal.

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I should have saved this for fic.
I live near a middle school and today I was out walking when the kids were getting out of school.

There were two girls walking and beside them a rotund young man, riding his bike slowly and talking to them. As we passed each other, I heard him say, I have this skin condition...

Oh, child.

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*cackles* Bless his heart.

I forgot to mention he was wearing a gold chain, the poor thing.

(Deleted comment)
They have their moments. :)

One wonders why that sort of thing isn't more self-limiting. Poor chap.

I know. I hope he one day learns a better pick-up line.

The more I get involved in my field (Edumication), the more I wanna stay out of the classroom. ^_^

I feel stupid - but I don't get it :\

I have a feeling that the rest of that line is a well known line from somewhere but I don't know it.

It's not a reference, it's just kind of funny and cute that the poor boy is trying to get the attention of the girls by talking about his skin condition. I hope he's one of the ones who learns better. (Judging by some of my friends, some of them never do.)



Please put it in a fic. Do go on.

Something similar may yet surface in fic. :)

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