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You can call me Hal.

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Third Quarter 2006 Fic Roundup
ryuzaki is hotter than you
A bunch of the fandoms have a mere drabble or two but I gave them their own headings anyway so they would seem more important. And if you gave Made To Be Broken a miss because of the pairing, you might want to give it a try anyhow.

Battlestar Galactica
Kara/Kat, sort of.

Slam Dunk

Home and Dry - Drabbles
MitKo, PG.
Meeting again.

Ace wo Nerae

Ouran High School Host Club

Hajime no Ippo
Ippo, Sendoh, G.

Prince of Tennis
Cut and Colour
InuKai, Inui/Yanagi, PG13, 2500 words.
They could have been together all those years and it would feel just the same.

InuKai, Atobe/Momo, Momo/Eiji, Inui/Fuji.

Tomoka/Sakuno, Fuji/Kaidoh.

Shiba/Kawamura, R, 800 words.
PWfuckingP. I was drunk.

Home and Dry - Drabbles
TezuRyo, Akutsu/Kawamura, G.

InuKai, PG, 900 words.
If only Kaidoh weren't so lame.

Made To Be Broken
Inui/Tezuka, PG, 3500 words.
Inui sees Tezuka acting strangely.

Say "Arr!"
InuKai, PG13, 2700 words.
Inui is weird. Kaidoh likes him anyway.

Tezuka/Ryoma, G, 2000 words.
Ryoma, after Nationals.

InuKai, PG, 450 words.
Pre-Nationals. Inui watches.

All my Prince of Tennis fic
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oh, i haven´t read your Battlestar Galactica stuff. *goes to*

There's not a lot of it and it's all focused on Kara. Surprisingly. *g*

Besides the one drabble linked above, there are Kara/various comment drabbles:

And one other Kara snippet: http://prillalar.livejournal.com/177088.html

i understand, Kara is hot and insteresting, and with the expection of Lee, i want to see her paired with everybody (specially Leoben). XD

will check them out.

Oh yeah. Thanks a bunch for everything. And thanks for uploading OVA eps 6 and 7, I don't think I could have watched them otherwise.

So. I'm worshipping you. I laughed so hard my liver almost burst. And the tezuxryo innuendo! And Sumire's bikini!!! Oh, lots of love xDDDDD

LOOOOOOVE YOU *squishes and huggles*

OVA 7 has set the bar for crack so high, I don't know if anyone can better it. *g*

*squishes you back*

Dude, that was pure crack. My understanding of japanese is pretty limited, but I enjoyed everything like a true nutcase. And lemme tell you I watched the final scene between Tezuka and Ryoma like, dunno, fifteen times or something. That was great!

Tooooooo much crack, indeed. Let's see what they'll do next xD

*huggles again*

You do some fabulous summaries, you know. I wish mine could be as succinct and clever.

I've actually been wondering if I should start making my summaries more verbose. I like them the way they are but I wonder if more people would read if they gave more information. It's a puzzler.

The pairing for 'Made to be Broken' wasn't a problem, but I was a little sad about the ending. ^_^ I'd really love to see a serious Inui/Tezuka fic from you because I absolutely love the way you write both characters.

I'd like to write something more serious about them too -- they're tricky so I guess I'm working up to it. I do have a WIP about them, but it's gen, not slash. Someday!

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